The ideas propagation update

This new small update mostly changes things on the server side, thus it doesnt bring much new things visible to players, and is mostly focused on rebalancing the overall game’s tech progress rythm.

This update modifies some mechanics about how ideas are unlocked, and adds 2 new ways of discovering ideas:

  • Ideas can now passively spread along trade routes and with neighboring states you are at peace with.
  • You can now learn ideas from a foreign culture if present in one of your cities, which would typically happen after a conquest. This will not happen if the original invaded population is decimated and starving, and the city needs to have significant percentages of your culture and the foreign one for the cultural exchanges to happen.

Besides that, this update modifies other idea related things:

  • After a character discovers a new idea, a cooldown period will reduce its odds of discovering new ideas.
  • Slowed down the discovery of some pivotal techs in mid and late game.

The point of all these measures is on one side to reduce tech differences between nations and on the other to address the current problem of the game’s tech progress going usually too fast once the bronze age is reached, with some nations often quickly rushing through iron and steel and causing too many techs to come too fast.

This update also fixes multiple server-side issues that have been causing crashes on servers.


The ideas propagation update
– added passive spread of ideas along trade routes and neighbors.
– added possibility to inherit ideas from cities with significant foreign culture and population (ex following occupation)
– fixed multiple issues causing server crashes in battles and pathfinding.
– added new invisible server side mechanics to better control and balance discovery speed of specific techs reducing randomness.
– slowed down discovery of some key late game techs.
– service buildings now only produce wealth for used services instead of total produced.
– The odds of unlocking new ideas is temporarily reduced every time a new idea is discovered by the character.
– fixed issue where spawning characters could inherit undiscovered techs.

The Soundtrack update

This update adds 16 minutes of new original soundtrack, with 3 new tracks made by Ben Rawles and 1 track from a guest composer Levi Bond.
Thanks to incomes generated since the Early Access release i was able to commission these new tracks to add more diversity in the musics and reduce their repetitivity: for a game meant to run for multiple hours its especially important to have a soundtrack as long as possible. I’ll eventually keep commissioning additional tracks as long as i can!

Besides that this update brings various tweaks, exploit fixes and bug fixes.

  • Services producing culture can now be seen in their resource menu, and they now only produce culture when consumed by the population ( in order to fix things like the exploit of building many more forums than required by the local population ).
  • Treaties with inactives can now be broken without penalties, to make managing nations easier.
  • When pacifying invaded territories, resistance will now decay faster but culture will decay slower. Additionally, resistance will decay twice as fast if the invaded territory belonged to NPC ( barbarians, rebels ) or  an inactive character, making reclaiming territories easier.
  • Some issues with infrastructures were fixed, such as walls and roads remaining invisibly present below buildings or recycled materials missing when overriding existing infrastructures.


The soundtrack update
– added 16min of new original soundtrack
– only services ‘consumed’ by population will produce cultural bonus (as opposed as total produced), so that the exploit of building more forums than necessary will be thwarted.
– “Claim” action now requires “Leadership” tech
– capped max population bonus when spawning in an existing city + added a temp 25 loyalty bonus
– breaking clauses are now disabled in treaties with inactive characters (= they can be broken with no penalties)
– increased speed of resistance decay in territories
– resistance decay speed x2 for territories that belonged to inactives or NPC
– slowed down rate of foreign culture decay in territories
– fixed issue of +/- 1 unit of resource missing/remaining when spending or adding resources in a territory due to resource decimal fractions
– fixed problem of unloading resources from a formation showing 0 in the formation’s inventory when unloading failed in the territory and was canceled
– fixed infrastructure/terrain not clearing when placing buildings on top
– fixed infrastructure materials not recovered when building a new infrastructure or building on top
– fixed misc UI issues in the Nation tab of the Government menu
– fixed bug of partisans uprisings registering as defeat despite being won
– fixed loyalty warning even not showing for colonies and outposts
– fixed problem of trade route “export” offers registering as “transfer”
– fix bug of replentishing sale offer not reducing actual resource stocks in the territory
– fixed a pathfinding issue
– improved dedicated servers to be able to initialize a game without a pre-existing save or manual setup through the server UI

The Dedicated servers update

Adds proper dedicated servers and replaces the broken Steam lobby with my own Master server to list existing servers.

This update finally adds proper dedicated servers to Ymir, by getting rid of the Steam lobby and its broken implementation in the Engine used by Ymir.
I’ve now made my own master server to list existing servers, allowing in turn to make servers completely independent from steam.

What does this mean for users?

  • No more disappearing or obsolete servers in the “Join game” menu.
  •  You no longer need a steam client opened with a valid Ymir license to run a dedicated server.

Important notes for Game hosts

  • The game server settings are now moved inside the game save folders and renamed game_settings.ini. So all the games .ini files in the root Ymir appdata folder can therefore be moved & renamed, or deleted. server_settings.ini contains the default and global server settings.
  • The dedicated server steam app id is 749070. This is the server that can run without requiring Steam.
  • server_settings.ini now contains a url override, so you can have your server address displayed as a url instead of its actual IP.
  • Dedicated servers will now cancel their auto-restart behavior after 5 consecutive crashes.

The dedicated servers update
– switched from steam master server to an Ymir private master server for server listing
– added new dedicated server app on steam (749070) that doesnt require the steam client and accounts to run.
– moved game settings into the save folders
– added support for custom URLs for server hosts, set in server_settings.ini
– servers now cancel their auto-restart behavior after 5 consecutive crashes.
– reduced efficiency of Tavern service and alchool required for it.
– greatly reduced efficiency and intelligence bonus from school and academy services
– fixed problem of “gaia armies” when a territory with an army decays.
– fixed production of pickaxes without the pickaxe tech
– lowered nordic bonus to +5 health
– lowered tropical malus to -5 health
– fixed a battlecode issue causing infinite battles
– occupied territories can only be transfered by treaty to their previous owner or a character that is also at war with the previous owner
– when a sell order is added, if 2 buy orders are competing for it, the highest order will pay second order’s limit-price +1.
– fixed colonies not benefiting from city administrative policies
– fixed trade history overflow

The automated trading update

The automated trading update

Trading upgrade
This update’s main focus is the improvement of the trading mechanics and UI.
The main point is the addition of a new trading menu, available from the side panel of territories but also from the resource menu of all resources as a new tab.

With this menu comes a lot of new functionalities and informations about trading, the most significant one being the addition of automatic recurrent orders. For example, you can set the order to sell 100 hammers at 4 coins every time your stock of hammers reaches 200 in the territory, and the order will activate whenever that condition is met and wait inactive when it isn’t. 

On the left, the new menu also shows you the Best offers in your trading network for every resource: it shows the best available buy price and sell price, allowing you to see immediately what interesting trades are available to you. 
A tickbox even allows you to filter unprofitable offers: it will then only list resources that have a buy price higher than your local price, or sell offers that are lower than your local price, which means offers you can generate profit from.

The menu also adds a trading history, showing you all the recent trades that you made, who purchased it, and at what price. It also displays your best trading partners based on the selected resource and time period you’re looking.

It is now possible to also place buy orders , and not just sell orders.
When placing a buying order, you must deposit an amount of coins matching the limit price and quantity you’re willing to purchase. 
If your buy order is cancelled or filled at a lower price, your initial deposit will be refunded accordingly.
For example, if you set a buy order of 100 wood at a limit max price of 4  and it gets filled at 3, you will recover a quarter of your initial deposit.

The new trading system no longer allows you to choose specific offers: instead, it creates an order book with all the selling and buying offers, and make them automatically match. 
When you buy or sell resources, it will always look for the best available price in your trading network. Therefore you can no longer choose to buy wood for 4 coins to a specific partner if someone else in your network is selling some for 2 coins.

The new trading UI now allows you to place automatic trade orders, see your trading history, and place buying orders instead of only selling ones.

Improved trade route UI
The UI of trade routes has also been improved. 
All trade routes between similar cities will now automatically merge into a single route for easier management and visibility.
For existing trade routes, transferred amounts can now be edited, so you no longer have to close and recreate routes. If the trade route is with a third party, you may only reduce traded amounts, but if the trade route is internal between your own cities, you can also increase it when needed.
The side pannel UI has also been improved to fix the ‘overflow’ issues, to better display operated trade routes, trade route finances, and the creation of new trade routes.

The improved trade route UI and menu allows you to modify existing trade routes and groups all traded resources between similar cities together.

Resources base wealth rebalanced
The base wealth of resources introduced in a previous patch (contributes to the territory wealth when stored in proper storage buildings) is now displayed for each resource in its menu in the top.
It has also been lowered and re-balanced to take into account the wealth of the materials needed to craft the resource, when relevant. 

Cavalry re-balanced
Mounted units have been rebalanced to be stronger as they were too weak considering their price. They are now especially stronger vs infantry of low reach such as swordpigs.


The automatic trading update
– Reworked trade routes UI
– It is now possible to modify traded amounts of existing trade routes without having to cancel and remake them
– trade routes between similar cities will now auto-merge into one
– resource lists are now sorted by alphabetic order
– fixed missing UI for “operated trade routes” in the trade route side pannel
– removed control of price for trade routes (obsolete) as it is dynamic and automatic
– removed cargo price for now
– fixed UI overflows in the trade route side pannel
– new trading menu, available from the trade side pannel and the resource menu of each resource
– placing buy orders require an instant deposit of coins matching the quantity and limit price set in the offer.
– wooden shields cost less wood and leather
– light helmets faster to produce
– laminar armor upkeep +0.2 and armor -0.25
– heavy shield armor -0.5, defense skill -0.25, upkeep +0.1
– horses and camels reach +0.5, attack skill +1.75, damage +1, mass +100
– resources base wealth now takes base wealth of required materials into account
– added display of base wealth in the resource menu
– reduced base wealth of resources by 50%
– added persistent orders, triggered automatically by the current stocks of the territory
– added trading history
– added buy orders
– fixed empty battle reports issue
– fixed memory leak in battles
– fixed display issue with flags in some menus
– ordered resource lists by alphabetical order
– fixed feedback loop of leader salary and priviledges: only wealth from priviledges can now contribute to treasury
– fixed priviledges reducing wealth of non-capital cities
– exploration events can now happen on tiles with herds
– deserted occupied territories can now decay
– fixed custom worldmap settings not working when creating a new game

The UDP update

UDP networking
This update mainly adds the implementation of UDP into the game’s networking, in an effort to circumvent issues with the engine’s poor TCP implementation that’s been causing constant connectivity issues for some players. 
By diverting some things to UDP, i hope to reduce the triggering of this issue and to therefore increase connection stability for players who had problems.
Note that this means servers now need to forward their port in both TCP and UDP.

Economic rebalancing and cargo bugfix
This update also rebalances some economic things.
Notably it fixes a bug in cargo prices that caused cargo to reach abnormal prices and generating huge income for dock workers and therefore in taxes. 
Cargo was also not purchased properly in the trading balance.
The cost of outposts has also been greatly increased to limit the tendency of players to make cities with the outpost status.

Stored wealth
Besides that, resources now have a basic wealth value which is a constant based on the amount of work required to produce them. This change requires to modify the stats of many buildings, and therefore the production of some buildings has been affected.
This resource wealth was added for a new feature: professional storage buildings now contribute to the territory wealth based on the wealth of all resources stored in them and provided they have a worker. 
Storage buildings now have a customizable priority to better manage them.

A new wealth side pannel is now visible in the economic tab of territories, to see how much wealth is originating from production and storages.

Warning for future updates 
In a future update i plan to heavily penalize the practice of building massive wall “grids” in forts. Walls built on inacessible tiles surrounded by other walls will therefore be penalized by maintenance or decay in ways i still have to decide, so i’d like to warn players designing forts around the use of the surfaces of wall tiles in advance.

The UDP update

– implemented UDP into networking
– added territory wealth pannel in the economic tab of the territory menu
– professionnal storages now contribute to the territory’s wealth based on their content
– resources now have a base wealth value constant, used to calculate the wealth of storages (wealth a constant and is independent from market value)
– added customizable storage priorities
– greatly increased maitnenance costs of gates
– greatly increased maintenance costs of outposts
– rebalanced resources workforce uses and production
– restricted storages now have an automatic priority higher than non-restricted ones
– fixed a bug in cargo prices and trades routes where cargo wasnt being paid for in the trade balance and where dock workers were getting abnormal incomes and generating abnormal taxes as a consequence.
– doubled production of trading service in markets
– doubled storage capacity of warehouses
– added LVL1 market building
– fixed bug where vote isnt cancelled when superior to vote for no longer is a superior in hierarchy
– expelling/quitting nation now previews the treaties that will be broken by this action
– fixed expelling characters from nation not triggering treaty breaking closes if relevant
– fixed issue where loyalty wasnt increasing even when target loyalty was higher than current
– fixed problem with treaties and messages failing to send
– fixed networking issues
– fixed units being visually late when moving long distances on the world map
– fixed crashes when armies retreated more than 1 tile away after a battle
– armies now display on multiple lines when too numerous on a worldmap territory