Multiple hotfixes have been applied since the last update, rather than a bigger thematic update. This is the changelog of all the cumulative hotfixes including today’s.

It includes many bug and exploit fixes, an update of the anti-cheating and new formation types.
I’m aiming to get a stable enough version so i can resume working on new features in the next updates.
Below is the cumulated changelog of all the hotfixes published since the last update, including a new hotfix today (bottom of the changelog).

– locked claim action in early game until leadership
– fixed rounding issues with resources decimals
– fixed bug occasionnally causing the loss of unloaded resources when pre existing storages are full
– fixed bug causing failed settling actions (empty territory, with slums and storage not poping up)
– fixed invalid wealth production for some service buildings (like cargo and trading)
– production buildings now produce wealth proportionally to actually produced resources (and not if materials aer missing)
– fixed changing formation home not properly encamping the formation
– fixed visual bug of trees appearing on buildings
– resources from events are now state owned
– fixed battle issue of troops sometimes able to raid a building through a cliff or wall
– fixed trade routes not closing when abandonning a settlement
– fixed being able to avoid the annex nb limit for waterwheels and windwheels
– fixed bugs with retreating armies causing the army to be lost after a battle
– fixed invalid deployment location for allies of a territory or gaiag animals when hunting in a settled territory
– fixed hunting battle causing militia to be deleted in same territory
– minor optimizations for large battles rendering on client side
– Militias now can’t hold inventory
– evacuating a city now spawns a special migrants type formation and not a regular army
– primitive tribes are now “nomad” type formations and not a regular army
– fixed client battle pathfinding issue on water getting battle display stuck
– fixed bug allowing to uncamp formation below 50AP
– fixed bug in music tracks selection causing tracks to be missing ingame
– fixed tech inertia being enabled in solo mode causing some techs to be too slow to trigger
– armies and national armies can no longer perform the ‘settle’ action
– adedd ‘settlers’ formation type
– added ‘migrants’ formation type
– added ‘nomads’ formation type
– added formations decay to any homeless formation of a type requiring a home support (such as army & national armies)
– fixed battle bugs with water
– reduced combat strength of civilian units
– speed boost now only available for primitive tribe start
– fixed issues with formations encamping after battles
– battle AI: troops are less inclined to keep targetting an enemy troop if they were inactive in the previous turn (meaning they’re unable to engage that enemy, for being in a defensive zone for example)
– battle AI: troops are now more inclined to target enemy troop if its climbing or breaching defenses.
– national armies no longer trigger exploration events, but they also cannot explore new territories (from the perspective of the character giving the movement order) -> fixing the problem of national armies getting immobilized.
– fixed barbarians not despawning when back home
– chats are now ordered by last message date + added nation flags on portraits
– added ability to block characters ingame (mute messages, chronicles, and chats)
– fixed ui issue with the “marshal” button
– fixed treaty term “join nation” available despite member not having the right to recruit
– increased pre-tax voluntary contribution of people from 20 to 25%
– implemented free city upkeep for some territorial types
– doubled lvl1 granary capacity
– increased storage capacity of livestock paddocks
– slightly increased leader production of cows and buffalos but reduced meat production
– removed wealth production of buildings with no workers (water collectors)
– fixed bug when an army retreating to a tile occupied with enemies is destroyed before battle
– fixed tactical retreats registering as a defeat (ex: range army retreating when out of ammo)
– implemented minor pathfinding optimization to better solve direct simple paths
– removed state power transfers from treaties
– removed PNB breaking clauses from treaties
– fixed loyalty issue when spawning as a colony
– upgraded the automatic anti-cheat
– fixed calculation mistakes in importation incomes
– added option to disabled the anti-cheat for server hosts (in server_settings.ini and game_settings.ini )
– fixed an issue with minimum price calculation and added more UI details in the price UI
– fixed battle issue
– loyalty high-tax penalties now proportionnally reduced from its territorial status income modificator (ex -100% for outposts = no high-tax penalty)
– improved price algorythm determining the ‘profit rate’ of the ‘minimum price’ section: now fully dynamic to adapt at best to the resource’s trading activities.
– inactives no longer capped at max 10% national state power tax
– fix UI issue of servers appearing/disapearing in the servers lobby
– fixed worldmap territories not properly updating when owner switches faction
– fixed formations not updating giving/losing visibility properly on the worldmap
– fixed auto-peace not applying to all the nation members when a foreign character is subjugated by a nation member
– home distance AP regen for formations is now capped at -50% instead of -75%
– fixed bug where after a server restart all encamped units would lose some AP
– fixed barbarians not moving back to nearby barbarian territories after raids
– fixed formations not giving visibility when in battle in the worldmap
– fixed cargo from other own territories not available for trade routes unless cargo is made public
– world price average no longer considers neighbors with rights of passage only (now only considers trade rights)
– fixed rebellion of a subjugated character not triggering national defensive pacts
– rebalanced tech inertia of some critical techs being too high and causing tech lockdown
– fixed not being able to move a national army on explored territory if its owner hadn’t explored it himself

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