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A steam key for Ymir, giving you immediate access to the game.
It Requires Steam to activate, download, and play the game.

Warning: steam refunds are not possible when purchased through here!
However purchasing the game through this shop is a way to better support me, as it saves me the 30% revenue share taken by steam when purchased through the Steam store, so if you buy it through here… THANK YOU! 

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This is a one-man project, and its a quite complex game with a large scope: development is therefore pretty slow!
The larger the game becomes, the more time it takes to add new things to it.
Also, this is a quite ‘artisanal’ game that will probably never reach the level of polish of regular games, or even other ‘indie’ projects made by teams of people.
Note that it might always feel like an ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ to some players, even after its official release. Expect bugs!

This is a steam key for Ymir and Steam is required to play the game!
This product is a steam key for Ymir, giving you immediate access to the game before its official release.

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