The automated trading update

The automated trading update

Trading upgrade
This update’s main focus is the improvement of the trading mechanics and UI.
The main point is the addition of a new trading menu, available from the side panel of territories but also from the resource menu of all resources as a new tab.

With this menu comes a lot of new functionalities and informations about trading, the most significant one being the addition of automatic recurrent orders. For example, you can set the order to sell 100 hammers at 4 coins every time your stock of hammers reaches 200 in the territory, and the order will activate whenever that condition is met and wait inactive when it isn’t. 

On the left, the new menu also shows you the Best offers in your trading network for every resource: it shows the best available buy price and sell price, allowing you to see immediately what interesting trades are available to you. 
A tickbox even allows you to filter unprofitable offers: it will then only list resources that have a buy price higher than your local price, or sell offers that are lower than your local price, which means offers you can generate profit from.

The menu also adds a trading history, showing you all the recent trades that you made, who purchased it, and at what price. It also displays your best trading partners based on the selected resource and time period you’re looking.

It is now possible to also place buy orders , and not just sell orders.
When placing a buying order, you must deposit an amount of coins matching the limit price and quantity you’re willing to purchase. 
If your buy order is cancelled or filled at a lower price, your initial deposit will be refunded accordingly.
For example, if you set a buy order of 100 wood at a limit max price of 4  and it gets filled at 3, you will recover a quarter of your initial deposit.

The new trading system no longer allows you to choose specific offers: instead, it creates an order book with all the selling and buying offers, and make them automatically match. 
When you buy or sell resources, it will always look for the best available price in your trading network. Therefore you can no longer choose to buy wood for 4 coins to a specific partner if someone else in your network is selling some for 2 coins.

The new trading UI now allows you to place automatic trade orders, see your trading history, and place buying orders instead of only selling ones.

Improved trade route UI
The UI of trade routes has also been improved. 
All trade routes between similar cities will now automatically merge into a single route for easier management and visibility.
For existing trade routes, transferred amounts can now be edited, so you no longer have to close and recreate routes. If the trade route is with a third party, you may only reduce traded amounts, but if the trade route is internal between your own cities, you can also increase it when needed.
The side pannel UI has also been improved to fix the ‘overflow’ issues, to better display operated trade routes, trade route finances, and the creation of new trade routes.

The improved trade route UI and menu allows you to modify existing trade routes and groups all traded resources between similar cities together.

Resources base wealth rebalanced
The base wealth of resources introduced in a previous patch (contributes to the territory wealth when stored in proper storage buildings) is now displayed for each resource in its menu in the top.
It has also been lowered and re-balanced to take into account the wealth of the materials needed to craft the resource, when relevant. 

Cavalry re-balanced
Mounted units have been rebalanced to be stronger as they were too weak considering their price. They are now especially stronger vs infantry of low reach such as swordpigs.


The automatic trading update
– Reworked trade routes UI
– It is now possible to modify traded amounts of existing trade routes without having to cancel and remake them
– trade routes between similar cities will now auto-merge into one
– resource lists are now sorted by alphabetic order
– fixed missing UI for “operated trade routes” in the trade route side pannel
– removed control of price for trade routes (obsolete) as it is dynamic and automatic
– removed cargo price for now
– fixed UI overflows in the trade route side pannel
– new trading menu, available from the trade side pannel and the resource menu of each resource
– placing buy orders require an instant deposit of coins matching the quantity and limit price set in the offer.
– wooden shields cost less wood and leather
– light helmets faster to produce
– laminar armor upkeep +0.2 and armor -0.25
– heavy shield armor -0.5, defense skill -0.25, upkeep +0.1
– horses and camels reach +0.5, attack skill +1.75, damage +1, mass +100
– resources base wealth now takes base wealth of required materials into account
– added display of base wealth in the resource menu
– reduced base wealth of resources by 50%
– added persistent orders, triggered automatically by the current stocks of the territory
– added trading history
– added buy orders
– fixed empty battle reports issue
– fixed memory leak in battles
– fixed display issue with flags in some menus
– ordered resource lists by alphabetical order
– fixed feedback loop of leader salary and priviledges: only wealth from priviledges can now contribute to treasury
– fixed priviledges reducing wealth of non-capital cities
– exploration events can now happen on tiles with herds
– deserted occupied territories can now decay
– fixed custom worldmap settings not working when creating a new game

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