The UDP update

UDP networking
This update mainly adds the implementation of UDP into the game’s networking, in an effort to circumvent issues with the engine’s poor TCP implementation that’s been causing constant connectivity issues for some players. 
By diverting some things to UDP, i hope to reduce the triggering of this issue and to therefore increase connection stability for players who had problems.
Note that this means servers now need to forward their port in both TCP and UDP.

Economic rebalancing and cargo bugfix
This update also rebalances some economic things.
Notably it fixes a bug in cargo prices that caused cargo to reach abnormal prices and generating huge income for dock workers and therefore in taxes. 
Cargo was also not purchased properly in the trading balance.
The cost of outposts has also been greatly increased to limit the tendency of players to make cities with the outpost status.

Stored wealth
Besides that, resources now have a basic wealth value which is a constant based on the amount of work required to produce them. This change requires to modify the stats of many buildings, and therefore the production of some buildings has been affected.
This resource wealth was added for a new feature: professional storage buildings now contribute to the territory wealth based on the wealth of all resources stored in them and provided they have a worker. 
Storage buildings now have a customizable priority to better manage them.

A new wealth side pannel is now visible in the economic tab of territories, to see how much wealth is originating from production and storages.

Warning for future updates 
In a future update i plan to heavily penalize the practice of building massive wall “grids” in forts. Walls built on inacessible tiles surrounded by other walls will therefore be penalized by maintenance or decay in ways i still have to decide, so i’d like to warn players designing forts around the use of the surfaces of wall tiles in advance.

The UDP update

– implemented UDP into networking
– added territory wealth pannel in the economic tab of the territory menu
– professionnal storages now contribute to the territory’s wealth based on their content
– resources now have a base wealth value constant, used to calculate the wealth of storages (wealth a constant and is independent from market value)
– added customizable storage priorities
– greatly increased maitnenance costs of gates
– greatly increased maintenance costs of outposts
– rebalanced resources workforce uses and production
– restricted storages now have an automatic priority higher than non-restricted ones
– fixed a bug in cargo prices and trades routes where cargo wasnt being paid for in the trade balance and where dock workers were getting abnormal incomes and generating abnormal taxes as a consequence.
– doubled production of trading service in markets
– doubled storage capacity of warehouses
– added LVL1 market building
– fixed bug where vote isnt cancelled when superior to vote for no longer is a superior in hierarchy
– expelling/quitting nation now previews the treaties that will be broken by this action
– fixed expelling characters from nation not triggering treaty breaking closes if relevant
– fixed issue where loyalty wasnt increasing even when target loyalty was higher than current
– fixed problem with treaties and messages failing to send
– fixed networking issues
– fixed units being visually late when moving long distances on the world map
– fixed crashes when armies retreated more than 1 tile away after a battle
– armies now display on multiple lines when too numerous on a worldmap territory


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