Yet another Score reform

This small update modifies once more the score calculation, as i still try to find the right balance.
It aims to simplify the score and victory points system by removing the whole system of a reference ‘par’ score, replacing it with a simpler and more intuitive ‘world score’ that is just a sum of the scores of all active characters in the game.
The score cost per VP is also simplified, as it is now set to be equal to 0.5% of that world score, so that 100VP now cost 50% of the world score.
Therefore in order to win a nation will need to control about 75% of the score and to achieve total diplomatic or military domination (because lower ranks do not contribute 100% of their VPs).
Also victory missions are removed, as the coming bigger update adding a “game ending event” will replace these with a more scenarized single event giving a lot of VPs if completed. 

Besides that I’ve started working on exciting new long term features that all need to come together to work, so they will not be “turned on” until everything is ready for it.

Yet another Score reform

– “ref score” is replaced by a world score that is a sum of all character scores, but ignoring inactives in part.
– removed the “score from subordinates” component is from the calculation of character scores.
– the cost of 1VP is now set as equal to 0.5% of the world score, so that 100VP now cost 50% of the world score.
– lowered difficulty of the olive oil project
– fixed a battle pathfinding issue causing server freeze in some cases.
– improved the french localisation
– fixed critical bug with retreating armies disapearing since a previous patch.
– implemented automatic chronicles (not used yet)
– reorganized formation types to allow for the addition of many new types in the future.
– created the “artefact” formation type (not used yet)
– market purchases now impossible if in debt
– formations that have no possible retreat position after a defeat are auto-destroyed
– fixed bug with the choice of retreat location for defeated armies
– fixed bug of corrupted territory data when settling a new tile
– fixed not being able to start projects costing 0 coins when in debt
– fixed modifying/adding researchers to an ongoing project sometimes causing the project progress to reset to 0.
– fixed some of the random program crashes when closing the game
– optimized minor things on the server
– fixed worldmap city icons disapearing when above 2000 inhabitants.

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