The Dedicated servers update

Adds proper dedicated servers and replaces the broken Steam lobby with my own Master server to list existing servers.

This update finally adds proper dedicated servers to Ymir, by getting rid of the Steam lobby and its broken implementation in the Engine used by Ymir.
I’ve now made my own master server to list existing servers, allowing in turn to make servers completely independent from steam.

What does this mean for users?

  • No more disappearing or obsolete servers in the “Join game” menu.
  •  You no longer need a steam client opened with a valid Ymir license to run a dedicated server.

Important notes for Game hosts

  • The game server settings are now moved inside the game save folders and renamed game_settings.ini. So all the games .ini files in the root Ymir appdata folder can therefore be moved & renamed, or deleted. server_settings.ini contains the default and global server settings.
  • The dedicated server steam app id is 749070. This is the server that can run without requiring Steam.
  • server_settings.ini now contains a url override, so you can have your server address displayed as a url instead of its actual IP.
  • Dedicated servers will now cancel their auto-restart behavior after 5 consecutive crashes.

The dedicated servers update
– switched from steam master server to an Ymir private master server for server listing
– added new dedicated server app on steam (749070) that doesnt require the steam client and accounts to run.
– moved game settings into the save folders
– added support for custom URLs for server hosts, set in server_settings.ini
– servers now cancel their auto-restart behavior after 5 consecutive crashes.
– reduced efficiency of Tavern service and alchool required for it.
– greatly reduced efficiency and intelligence bonus from school and academy services
– fixed problem of “gaia armies” when a territory with an army decays.
– fixed production of pickaxes without the pickaxe tech
– lowered nordic bonus to +5 health
– lowered tropical malus to -5 health
– fixed a battlecode issue causing infinite battles
– occupied territories can only be transfered by treaty to their previous owner or a character that is also at war with the previous owner
– when a sell order is added, if 2 buy orders are competing for it, the highest order will pay second order’s limit-price +1.
– fixed colonies not benefiting from city administrative policies
– fixed trade history overflow

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