v 0.201

The version 0.201 is finished!

  • Debug

– Button collisions problem solved.
– Mouse cursor scale problem solved.
– Updated building placement to work with new terrain system.
– Updated mouse coordinates calculations to work with new terrain system.

  • Gameplay

– Server now uses world map spawn points.
– Building placement is now in real time, all players viewing a region will see buildings beeing placed.

  • Server/Client communications

– Optimisation of data structures transfers.

v 0.200

The version 0.200 is finished!


  • Debug

– Version checking between client and server.


  • Interface

– Creation of loading pannels pour la carte du monde et les régions.


  • Terrains

– Terrains have height.
– Regions have a vegetation caracteristic : forest or none.
– Regions have a water caracteristic : costal, river, small river, big river, lake, swamp.
– Regions have a relief caracteristic : normal, plain, rocky, hills,mountains.
– New terrain tiles : Basalt, Limestone, granit, schist, sandstone, silice, ground, poor ground, fertile ground, gravel ground, sand, gravel sand, clay.
– Creation of trees : Oak, Pinus, Fir, Coconut tree,Palm tree, Ceibus, Birch, Bismark palm tree, Acacia, Baobab.
– Creation of water.


  • Ressources

– Creation of natural ressources.
  Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Salt, Coal.
  Beans, Figs, Wine, Papyrus, Vegetables, Barley, Wheat, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Bananas, Apples, Truffles, Corn, Olives.
  Dogs, Rabbits, Cows, Sheep, Horses, Elephants, Mammoths.

  • Server/Client communications

– Multi file download support.



Here it is, the Ymir project official website is now online.

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