The weekly Hog news 6

Desert preview

Here is another climate preview, this time for the desertic climate. Only tropical is left now!


World generator nearly finished

The world generator is now nearly finished. Last week i added a tectonic plates ‘simulation’ to create mountains, islands and rifts that can fracture continents, making the maps look more realistic. It consists in creating random zones, the ‘plates’, and assigning them random directions.


I also added the river placement.



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  1. Thanks 🙂

    Yes i was thinking too of making the water tiles transparent sometimes. In fact there is actually already a negative relief under the water tiles. However there is no specific things like corals yet.
    The thing is that just making it transparent wouldnt look that good, unless i can also blurr what’s beneath.
    Maybe i can find a way learning more about how to use shaders, but this means time, and as always there’s priorities, so i dont know when i’ll have time to experiment on this.

  2. As every week, i’m glad to read about Ymir’s development progress. The new screenshots look greats! Every climates ecosystem will seem “alive” when animated. Water tiles also look much better than the former ones. By the way, would it be possible to go even further by giving a more dynamic aspect to water?

    I think that making water transparent would enhance its appearance. For example, there could be “negative relief layers” below the water surface. The floor could be visible through the water at a certain depth. It would require adding new textures representing sand, rocks, algae mud or even corals. The water opacity would dissimulate these textures progressively while depth increases. It would also allow showing up some fish swimming in fishing spots.

    Using tectonic plate’s patterns to generate mountain ranges and rifts is a very good idea! The world map looks awesome 😉

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