The weekly Hog news 7

Last week we completed the world generator ( rivers and forests are now in ) , and the last last remaining climate : tropical.



Also started working on the region generation now. Unlike before, and now that worldmaps are potentially much bigger, the region generation will potentially happen dynamically during the game whenever a player visits a region for the first time. Which implies making the generation as fast and light as possible to avoid any server freeze, and makes the whole thing more complicated (regions beeing twice the size also adds to the problem).




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  1. Thanks guys! 🙂

    Tropical zones have quite a lot of other specific ressources, like corn, coffee, bananas, silk…
    Yes we’ll try to animate these plants, but the way grass works is with a constant animation, so we’ll see if it looks silly or not.

  2. The tropical biome is perhaps my favorite. The warm atmosphere contrast with the hostile condition of the jungle. I like those giant carnivorous plants, are they animated to close suddenly time to time?

  3. All theses trees and flowers and bushes make me wonder, will the game have new plants for farms ?
    I mean, cocoa and beans aren’t the only plant to grow in the jungle, right ?

    Also : nice work great work. Like usually. 😛

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