The weekly Hog news 4

Last week we kept advancing on the worlmap generation and the different vegetations of each climates.

Worldmap generator

The basic controls are done, and the generation of land and continents is working. You can control the amount of continents to spawn and amount of sea. You can go from a map with no continents and low seas that will create a planet mostly made of land with small seas to a map with multiple continents and high sea levels.
You can also customize the size of the world up to 250×250. However it will probably be best to play on small maps in most games unless there’s lots of players, because keep in mind these are not maps for a game like Civilization : each tile beeing a whole region, even a small looking map is actually big enough for dozens of players. Maps like the screenshots below would actually be freakin’ giant.

New climate previews

Still advancing on the new climate vegetations, below are previews of the WIP Oceanic and continental types.

5 Replies to “The weekly Hog news 4”

  1. Yeah the lines are polar areas.
    Actually, if we wanted to get rid of these lines, a boat reaching the top wouldnt appear on the bottom, but somewhere else on the same top line, which would be confusing, and difficult for the player to preview where the unit will arrive.
    So yes for now i chose the same solution as in Civ, even if its a bit weird!

  2. Theses upper and lowers “lines” are polar areas, like in Civilization games ?
    I always found this strange, but I understand they don’t want boats going up and reapparing low. It would look less realistic.
    But it would facilitate moving around the world.

    A solo mode ? If you do that, nobody will play in multi, everyone will stay in his little hole. Like with Crusader King. ^^
    Seriously, it would be nice to have one someday. Offline mode, even ?

    Uhtred : Mammoths and elephants were already biome dependant. I think some others animals were too, but I’m not 100% certain.

  3. And there’s already biome-especific products? To make trade more reasonable…

    I wonder if the biome will intefere in the pigs’s happiness/mood. Leather/clothing in the far north (or far south), could be more “desirable” than some cold beer in the “equator zone”.

    Nice choices to make maps!!

    Solo mod??? hmmmm very interessing!!

  4. Yeah the generator wil create some climat depending of equator sea etc.

    When you start a game, it’s automaticly create a server and other players can join, depending of the number of slot available. The server can be persistant. We are thinking to a solo mod too.

  5. Nice work Ronchon (and Alpyro) !

    The world map generator remind me dwarf fortress, but Ymir’s generator seems to be even more advanced. Is there a kind of equator that cross each map at the middle ? With the lowest temperatures areas on the edges ?

    So, if I understand well, each game will be hosted by a single player who generate a world and invite other players to join it ? Or maybe a new map will automatically spawn if all other maps are already full of players ?

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