The weekly Hog news 3

New cosmetic vegetation 
We’re still adding new trees for each climate + cosmetic vegetations ( purely decorative tall grass and shrubs that will be placed procedurally on the terrain )
Here is a photoshop preview of the new nordic climate set with colorfull grass and pine shrubs.

This second one of shows a WIP of the oceanic cosmetic set, with plenty of flowers.


Shadows on terrain
We also added soft shadows on the terrain, to improve heights readability and make the terrain less flat looking.

Worldmap generation
I’m also now working on the worldmap generator, and below are the debug results of one of its first core functions : a “splat” generator that will be used to shape continents.


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  1. Yes the black shape is because of missing cliffs, so you can see the “background” of the maps!

    The splats were just an example of what the splat generator does with different settings. It was intended that it would go from a regular circle to something more noisy. The continents generation uses this function as a base.

    And yes of course boats are still planned!

  2. The white trunk trees on the first image seem a bit off. Like an older model mixed with all theses nices news trees and pretty flowers.

    On the third image … oooh, this black shape bring back memories. ^^
    It occurs when some hill miss a “step” of elevation, right ?

    About the splat, I must say the 4_regularity_02 seem the nicer, even if it’s a bit smaller than the first circle. It would be nice if some shapes combines to create a even bigger continent.

    Will you possibly have some isolated islands in worlds ? I remember unclearly talks about boats, but are they still envisaged for the (far) future ?

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