The weekly hog news 13

Back to work!

We’re still adding new animals :
Caipibara, water buffalo, llama … and ducks (cosmetic).


The region generator is almost complete now and completely database driven, replacing the old crude external generator of the Alpha 1 ‘prototype’.
This means each resource has its own database settings to tweak the odds of appearing in a region, how it appears and where. Compared to before when all that was hardcoded, this allows to easily add new resources and tweak the balancing of the game if some things appear to often or not.
Resources have different types of localisation whether its forest trees, rocks, shore plants, animals… Their odds of spawning can depend on climate, water proximity, relief or terrain fertility.
There’s still some settings to tweak and bugs to solve, but its now mostly functional.

Below a bunch of screenshots of different random regions from this new generator :

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  1. With such variety of landscapes, flora and fauna, i believe each region will be unique and have its own vibe. This is great!

    Concerning animals, you could also add some reptiles, like Galapagos inspired turtles, big nasty frogs or even komodo dragons. They are good source of food and leather. I was also thinking about the dodo and the great auk, which are two extinct species with a certain charisma. And chubby seals and walruses as well for the continental climates! :p

    What did you plan after achieving the world map generator? Did you make a task schedule retracing all Ymir development’s phases?

  2. Yeah Granhyt you’re right about the islands, i know its still too “circular” looking. Same goes for lakes and some world continents. I still have settings to tweak and functions to modify and hopefully this whole procedural thing will improve with time.
    Right now i’m trying to improve valleys to sometimes generate larger areas close to water, especially for arid climates. But there’s never an easy fix to get what you want, tweaking some settings affect other stuff and it goes on like this…

  3. I didn’t read ? Yes I did. But it was sooooo far in the past, so …
    Okay, I forgot. Thank for the reminder, Alpyro. ^^

  4. Waaaaa Granyth didn’t read the previous post ! ^^

    Ostrich were in the episode 11. 😉

  5. Wow, that’s really nice looking. Especially ducks. Ducks are always nices.
    Would ostrichs or nandous be hard to create, in your opinion ? Or any big bird, in fact. For now, food is only mammal-provided.

    I can’t emphase much about how I love the map generator, so I’ll just get over my two concerns :
    – Picture 3, the island is almost round. It is the case of every islands or some are more … irregular shaped ?
    – Picture 11, there is a lot a carnivorous plants, but they all use the same model. Maybe you should space them a bit more to mitigate repetitions.

    Overall : “Il sort quand l’épisode 15 ?”

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