The weekly hog news 14

We’re going to start preparing for the greenlight now, and will also be preparing a new video to show off the world and region regenerator with all the reworked biomes.
Also we’ve been redesigning the choices of basic ressources available for each climate to make things more climate-specific in order to improve trading possibilities.
Vegetables are splitted in 3 ressources and we’re adding a few new ones like dates for arid climates. Some ressources wont be naturally present but you’ll be able to introduce them in the region.

Basically it will go like this :

Main food sources

  • Nordic : Potatoes, apples
  • Oceanic : Wheat, carrots, apples
  • Continental : Wheat, carrots, apples
  • Mediterranean : Wheat, figs, tomatoes
  • Arid : Wheat, chickpeas, lettuce
  • Desert : Dates, lettuce
  • Tropical : Corn, rice, beans, bananas

Main alcohol resources

  • Nordic : cider  (apples)
  • Oceanic : cider  (apples)
  • Continental : cider  (apples)
  • Mediterranean : wine  (raisins)
  • Arid :  beer  (barley)
  • Desert : beer  (barley)
  • Tropical : rhum  (sugarcane)

Main cloth resource

  • Nordic : wool ( sheep)
  • Oceanic : wool (sheep)
  • Continental : cotton
  • Mediterranean : linen ( flax)
  • Arid :  linen ( flax)
  • Desert : linen ( flax)
  • Tropical : wool ( llamas)

Basic animals
Many will be available to introduction in foreign climates, like chicken. Also some animals are specific to relief regions ( like llamas, sheep ) or regions with direct water access.

  • Nordic : rabbits,  sheep; mammoth, fish
  • Oceanic :  rabbit, cow, sheep, horses, fish
  • Continental :  cow, dog, llamas, horses, fish
  • Mediterranean :  dog, cow, goats, horses, fish
  • Arid :  ostriches, buffalo, goats, camels, elephants, fish
  • Desert :  ostriches, buffalo, goats, camels, fish
  • Tropical : capybaras, buffalo, chickens, llamas, elephants, fish


Date palm, Chickpeas, Crow, Whitebird, Parrot.

6 Replies to “The weekly hog news 14”

  1. These puppies look yummy. I shall take one or two roast chunks and use their blood and their guts to make some sausages.

  2. Yes there’s dogs!
    Well actually there’s always been dogs but back then there was no visual units.
    Dogs are a basic food source. They replace what would be pigs in reality, so the porcos can avoid beeing cannibalistic ^^
    They have no other use yet.

    As for the video presentation, the main one will still be the one i did before, to explain the concepts of the game. This new one will be a secondary video just showing off what’s been visually done recently with all the regions.

  3. Porcos do not eat crows, but crows feast on porcos’ cadavers after the battle. :p

    I may be wrong but adding dogs is a new idea, right? Will they be useful for hunting or even during conflicts as a special unit?

    Take your time to make a great presentation video. It will be crucial as it is the first thing that Steam users will see after clicking on the 200*200 pixels image that represent the game (this image should be appealing as well) . Did you find a new composer for the soundtrack?

  4. I see. I tought theses birds made me think to Age of Empire, I was right. ^^
    Too bad for crow food. Let’s have nice flying pets in the sky.

    I understand for the food. It wasn’t implemented last time, now I know better.

    Thank you for theses explanations.

  5. For the crows : no these birds are part of “cosmetic” animals, its different from the “resource” ones. They will not be exploitable, and they will spawn individually in maps as a decorative thing ( like the parrots ect ) instead of beeing an actual local spawn point .
    About the food thing, you wouldn’t want pineapples everywhere even if they’re more efficient, cause you’d lose the “quality” bonus of providing diversified types of foods to your population. Diversified foods increases health of you population. So like in reality you’d use the most efficient food as a basic food type to ensure everyone can eat cheaply, and then produce smaller amounts of less efficient foods for higher class citizens and increase health.

  6. So now, Crows are food ?
    Great. 😀

    Concerning the food, one thing in the alpha was that some were really more effective than the others. I mean, animals were interesting of course, but (names for example, not real) pineapple bore more food than red beans.
    I tought it was a bit sad, since (in this example) red beans were less interesting. And they took the same place on the map. So for efficiency, pineapples everywhere.

    Anyway, for the principe, a greater biome separation of ressources is a good thing. It’s bring more variety.

    And theses birds look nice.

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