The weekly hog news 11



We’re still adding new animals to Ymir , this week : Ostriches , chickens and fishes. Below are photoshop previews of how they’ll look ingame.





We now added water, and grass coloring. It gives a visual feedback to know the level of water in the ground, and a quite nice gradient around rivers in arid climates. Water tiles are also slightly transparent, and if i find a way at some point i’d also like to combine this transparency to a blurr effect.

Rivers will now also occasionally generate islands and deltas when reaching the sea.




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  1. The new water display is great. It uncovers a portion of the map which was not visible before and shows the depth right away. Very well done!
    Ostriches, chickens, fishes and goats also look very good, cannot wait to see them wandering and grazing around the mighty piggy fortress!
    Do you plan to use the artworks in game, to illustrate some sections or for loading times?

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