The nation flags update

Reorganized the customization of nation flags.
Now using a palette of colors instead of hue + 2nd color for the flag symbol.
Removed old placeholders and started adding the new final flag icons.
Also fixed various issues.

– reorganized nation flag customization, now using a color palette and with 2 colors: flag and symbol
– replaced placeholder flag symbols with new final ones
– flag icon lines color will auto-invert from black to white to adapt the filling color
– reduced victory points from score
– dead nation now removed from the score
– carriers no longer spawned for free when evacuating a region
– fixed resources not consummed when located in warehouses being upgraded
– fixed renegociating treaty with ‘join faction’ causing an error
– fixed culture transfers when disbanding troops not working in some cases
– fixed cultural problems when taking over an abandonned territory
– fixed cultural problems with the succession start
– fixed asking to terminate treaties not working
– fixed table display missing line highlights
– fixed explored map not updating properly in some cases
– fixed issues with trade routes from the world map
– fixed ownership issues with claiming previously settled territories
– fixed formation inventory not being auto-unloaded when disbanding the last troop

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