The translator’s update

A small update bringing reorganized text files that allows to begin the translation work of the game.
Ymir now supports all latin and cyrillic characters.
Each language is now a directory, and new ones can be created simply by copy pasting the default English directory and translating its content.

Besides that, the resources, trading and creation of new formations is now possible directly from the worldmap, making it more convenient.

Also, new test persistent game is being launched!


Translator’s update
– reorganized external text files system
– missing text strings are now auto-added at the end of any text file for a language after running the game once
– each language is now a directory
– now supports all latin and cyrillic characters
– started adding french localisation
– UX: resources inventory and trading is now available from the worldmap
– UX: its now possible to create new formations from the worldmap
– fixed issue with terrain heights tool and platform
– fixed some trees having the wrong size
– fixed schools and academia not distributing their service
– reduced odds of consecutive barbarian waves in a short time

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