Engine update

This patch includes an engine update to its latest version.
It is also the first “full build” of the game, which is a more optimized version of the game ( but potentially more unstable and with less error feedback ).
This means everyone should experience a significant improvement of framerate and that the servers should run a bit more smoothly.
This patch also includes significant memory optimizations on the server to allow for bigger games and support more players.
In terms of gameplay, i added fixes to city griefing and rebalanced the different breedable animals to give more unique properties to each.

Engine update
– experimental first ever “full build” of the game. A full build is much more optimized version of the game, improving its overall framerate and memory usage. However its likely to be more unstable!
– updated engine to latest version
– improved server starting speed
– greatly optimized memory usage of the server
– optimized the water and reflection shaders
– demolition speed of buildings is now 0.1 in resistant cities. Local builders do not participate.
– demolition of buildings is maxed to 3 at a time in resistant cities.
– it is now impossible to clear terrain and destroy infrastructures in resistant cities.
– new hierarchy button allows to see the hierarchy of foreign nations
– redesigned the region owner UI in the worldmap
– livestock pastures reduced cost from 2 to 1 res unit of animals to build
– livestock ‘meat’ pastures efficiency reduced from 1 to 0.7
– rabbit and chicken production’s perk is that it takes less space than other animals
– ostrich production produces meat faster
– buffalos and cows produce more leather as byproduct (1.8 and 1.5) but require more space
– llamas, goats and sheep leather production reduced from 1 to 0.8
– horses and camels production is slower and they produce less leather

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