The National armies update

The National armies update

This update adds a new type of formation : National Armies. They behave in the same way as regular armies except for the fact that they can be controlled not only by its owner but also by all the superiors of that player in the Nation. This will allow to organize national operations more easily without needing every member of it to be online at the same time.

Strategic tools have been improved: defensive zones stop at enclosed spaces like palissades, range units now display their range visually, and formations can now remember their deployment positions in each region they’ve been deployed to, meaning it will no longer be reset if your army leaves your city and comes back!

This update also brings a lot of re-balancing and new mechanisms to counter gameplay exploits.
Units now cost coins to recruit and their equipment has to be paid. It is no longer possible to recruit units if in debt.
Honor now affects Legitimacy instead of State Power. It decays with time. Lots of new actions can affect Honor, such as sacking cities, abandoning cities,  or losing a city to a rebellion…
Penalties for having a negative state power, being in debt , or distance from capital have been overall increased.
Also noteworthy: some policies such as “Fair Exchange” now cause an immediate conflict penalty if repelled.
Exploration ‘exploits’ via the extensive use of lonely civilians in the sea or via the polar regions is now prevented by new events.

This is a pretty large update, although with nothing much new visually. 
Please take the time to read the change log as it contains lots of modifications to gameplay and balance!

National Armies
WARNING: all prior deployment data is lost! you will have to recreate defensive zones and redeploy all your troops.
– added a new type for formation: “national armies”. they can be controlled by all the nation superiors of the formation’s owner, allowing to delegate military management for national operations.
– national armies provide authority to any city of the nation where they are stationned, even those of a different character.
– added the ability to change the type of existing formations: militias can now be converted to regular armies.
– defensive zones propagation redone: it will now stop at palissades if inside an enclosed space!
– troops now remember their respective deployment positions in every region they have been deployed to.
– range for missile units such as archrs is now displayed during deployment
– troops missing deployment data will now autodeploy with orders copied from similar units, or, if none available, get assigned to defend any created deployment zone.
– nation state power transfers and taxes for inactive characters is now capped at 10% regardless of their rank settings.
– increased state power maintenance of subordinates from distance + now non linear: expodential increase with distance
– added state power cost from total number of subordinates (not just direct subordinates)
– coin transfers in treaties are now limited by your current treasury and income.
– trading rights and coin transfers are now only available when the fair exchange policy is enabled.
– added new polar events
– some events can now be triggered when moving even on already explored territories
– changed culture from faction based to character based
– colonies no longer contribute to your GDP, culture or score
– revoking or passing certain policies can now cause an immediate penalty of conflict in all your territories. example: revoking fair exchange now causes +40 of conflict.
– recruiting new troops now has a recruitment cost = training cost + equipment cost
– it is no longer possible to recruit new troops if in debt
– honor no longer affects state power, but legitimacy instead. positive honor now provides a bonus, though less important than its malus if negative.
– honor, wether negative or positive, now slowly decays with time
– cancelling debt now also causes an honor penalty
– sacking now causes an honor penalty of 15
– renouncing control of a region now causes an honor penalty of 25
– losing a region to a rebellion now causes an honor penalty of 25
– increase loyalty penalty from negative state power
– increased waste penalty from negative state power
– reduced waste penalty from weak local administration
– increased local culture from capital distance
– added waste UI details in the economic tab of the territory menu
– reduced production of the “guard” service for towers
– increased (greatly!) upkeep of elephants and mammoths
– reduced number of herds
– reduced meat from herds
– lowered growth of elephant and mammoth herds
– lowered odds of successfully capturing elephants and mammoths
– upkeep of elephant and mammoth units greatly increased
– increased conflict generated by the “seized materials” policy from +5% to +10%
– fixed bug when unloading resources from a formation and not enough room available
– added event to counter the exploit of using defenseless civilians (piglets,oldpigs,sows) to explore
– fixed visibility not removed when a formation got destroyed on the worldmap
– fixed issues and exploits with resistance missing in some cases in NPC cities
– fixed issues with research projects getting stuck
– fixed bug with colonies generating abnormal tax income
– fixed colonies counted as cities in the administration stat calculation
– fixed exploit allowing destroyed building to be repaired for free

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  1. Wow, nice changelog !
    also, I bet upkeep for mammoth and elephants must have been increased a lot, for it to be mentioned twice 🙂

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