All unit graphics finished : step 1/5 is complete!

All the unit graphics are now completed:
I’ve added about 30 types of units including mounted units on horses, camels, elephants but also the dreadful giant Mammoths.
Bigger and stronger than elephants, its ultimate form , the Megaphant, comes equipped with a full steel plated armor and 3 archers. This will be the ultimate tank of the battlefield!

The glorious Megaphant: a steel plated armored mammoth

For infantry units, there is now different types of swordpigs additionally to the spearpigs.
I’ve added heavy infantry with steel plated armors, including the Martelsnout, the heaviest armored infantry so far equiped with warhammers and steel shields. There’s also 2 handed longswords, battle axe warriors, heavy helbardiers in the fashion of Swiss pikemen, hoplites and more…
Range units now include longbowpigs and crossbowpigs.
Mounted horses and camels each include 4 units : one light unit , one heavy “cataphracted” unit with scale armor, one heavy “pig-at-arms” with plated armor , and one mounted archer.

The different military units of the game

Now that all the main graphic assets are complete, i’m moving to the next step : implementing service buildings. I’ll also have to render and format all these assets and add them to the game, wich is pretty time consumming!

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  1. its great to see there is still progress cannot wait until the game is realeased

  2. I’m not even sure this was a bug, looks sort of intentional. Looking here : it seems they became “boats” so anti-cavalry attacks wouldn’t work against them, but they got a +5 attack against boats (and other camels). In African Kingdom (which I haven’t), they made a special class for camels but they kept the +5 against ships.
    Because camels against ship is a good strategy, I suppose.

    Honestly, I haven’t been able to find “the” truth about real life horse versus camels and your explanation makes more sense than most. It may not be everything, but it’s probably a good part of the solution.
    Looking a bit more today, I learned llamas and dromedary could reproduce. Well, that’s interesting, even if I had no question on this subject.

  3. That is a weird bug. Never knew of this!
    Camels however should have a bonus against cavalry. Its not because the “smell of camels panicks horses” like its often mentionned. It wasnt because they’re faster on sand or anything like this either.
    Apparently it was simply because … they’re taller: which gives the rider on the camel an advantage against the rider on horse when they fight!

  4. “like a parameter to give a bonus vs big units for pikemen.”
    As long as you don’t do like in age of empire II and make camels counts as boats. They are vulnerable to towers because of this. ^^
    Have a good day and more.

  5. No for now color doesnt match the flags. Its just an arbitrary color chosen for military units while civilians are green.

    The units are made but do not expect too much polish for now: i will not have the time to deal with specific behaviors for special types of units. The combat system as it is will allow to make it a “rock paper scissor” to some extent, but i’ll have to add new parameters latter on to complete it, like a parameter to give a bonus vs big units for pikemen.
    But there’s allready enough caracteristics to make units different from each other and specialized to certain roles.

  6. Glad to see we will be able to customize our armies in many different ways.

    Do units’ strengths and weaknesses work in a kind of rock-paper-scissors fashion? With a kind of troop being relevant against a particular other type but useless against another?

    For example, pikemen could be useful against cavalry, but weak against 2 handed longswords. Warhammers could be a good alternative against heavy armored enemies (and elephants too with their ability to trample) but slower than swords. In the same way, regarding distance weapons, bows could be efficient against numerous light protected enemies. Crossbows, in the other hand, efficient against few but well armored enemies (due to their impact power, but the slowness of their use).

    I’m amazed to see some mounted archers too. Will they be able to fire at the enemy while keeping a safe distance with them? If this is the case, I guess they will be very useful against melee infantry, but less relevant when leading a siege or against numerous distance units.

    Having these “turning “ balance of power would encourage to have a look at other players’ armies before choosing how to design your owns.

    Also, I see all units in the screenshot having salmon red uniforms. Does the color match with the color of the player’s flag?

  7. I really like the elepants and the mammoths and it will be fun experimenting with the troops.
    Locking forward to play the game!

  8. Thanks!
    Yeah it would be fun to be able to “rent” your units as mercenaries 🙂

  9. Hurrah for Camels and Ultramammoths !

    I also like the scale armored horses and the many different styles of pigs everywhere. That’s great. I can already see me specializing in a few types, then buying weapons and armors to others for small units of specialists, almost like if I recruited mercenaries. In fact the ability to lend/rent troops to other players would be cool, but it’s a non-prioritary feature in my opinion, not too important for the time it would take.

    Good courage for the rest, you’re doing great. 😀

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