All buildings are in : step 2/5 is complete!

All the buildings for the planned release version are now ingame.
All their new functionalities are also implemented , including a new kind of resources : services. Each service building mostly produces its own service resource, so for example a Tavern will produce a Tavern service.
Some services are consumed directly by the population to satisfy their needs, like the services of Taverns or Theaters that satisfy the social or entertainment need.
Some other services are also consumed by population but have other effects : doctors, washhouses or public baths will for example improve health of the population accessing it.
Other services have more specific uses :
– Builders produce a construction service now required to build most things.
– Docks produce a cargo service, which will be used to operate trade routes.
– Markets produce a trading service, which will be used to create ‘inter-city’ trade offers.
– Scribes produce an administrative service that increases administration of the city.
– Schools produce a service that increases intelligence of the population accessing it.
– Magistrates produce a justice service that reduces conflict in the population.
– Tax collectors produce a service that reduces waste ( a % of incomes lost, increased by population and bad administration ).

I added a new need in the pyramid of needs of population: the social need, of priority 2 (meaning it comes after vital needs of water and food).
For now, its satisfied only by Taverns and Forums ( a kind of plaza you can build in your town center where people gather  ).

Water has been added. Its now required as a vital need. You can produce it with wells or with water collection points placed on the shore of rivers. Water is also used by various industries or buildings like the public baths or bakeries.

The building production UI has been redesigned and completed with additionnal informations. It is now possible to choose a specific material to use for a production ( when more than one is available ), or to leave it in automatic mode. The UI now also shows the budget of the building itself, allowing you to see how much taxes this building is generating, how its production is used and sold, or how much each one of its workers earn.

The new production UI: here a bakery requires a combustible ( wood, charcoal or coke ), flour and water to produce bread. The building’s budget shows where this building’s income is coming from and how it is used. Here the building generates 1 of taxes, and 2.6 income shared between the 2 workers.

I added a new kind of annex : the efficiency annex. These annexes increase the efficiency of the building they belong to.
For now, this type of annex is used for waterwheels and windwheels, which are used for example by flour mills.

The game now has its definitive look, and i’m moving to the next step!


An ‘iron age’ settlement.
A late game city with ‘classical age’ buildings, including the new multi-story houses.
An industrial district with furniture makers, carpet makers, weavers, paper mill, brickworks, weapon makers, fundry, steel maker… There’s also a forum plaza with a tavern, a bakery and a public bath.
A lot of cosmetic tools have been added : different kinds of gardens, lawn, flower beds, plazas of mosaic and marble, roads, fences… You can use all these tools to design your parks and gardens around important buildings or fancy houses.

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  1. Yes like wells, because I have seen the watermill. I am sorry that I wasn’t as clear as I should have been.

  2. I’m not sure i understand your question!

    There’s rivers inland , if that’s what you mean.
    Or if you mean within a region, you can dig wells to get more water.
    If you mean irrigation ditchs, no its not possible yet.

  3. Is there only one way to get water or will there be more? Like in Pharaoh they get water inland also. Will that be a option to or no?

  4. It’s all I can desire and even more.
    Thank you Ronchon. I’ll await the next occasion to play Ymir with more fervor than ever. 😛

  5. There’s 2 kinds of docks : docks for land caravans and docks for ships. The later are more efficient but require to be placed on shores dug at a certain depth.
    While you’re likely to need only one market , or maybe two, you’ll probably need more docks indeed, if you trade a lot.
    Plus you’ll be able to ‘sell’ your cargo, transporting goods for other cities’ trade routes if you’re placed in a commercially strategic position.

  6. I understand better, thank for the swift answer.

    Are docks required to be built near the coast ? Or they can be inland ? I suppose it’s the second to not handicap any town location, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂
    Would you say docks are more important than markets ? It seems like it to me. Not that it is a problem.
    Will the maintenance cost of these two building be heavy, or rather light ? In short, “trader empire, how feasible ?”

    Thank you again for your heavy work on the game. I feel like it’s worth all your efforts. 😀

  7. Construction being a service, it cannot be “stockpiled”, because its not a material thing. So yes, its more like a flow.

    As for docks and markets, no it is different :
    Cargo is your ability to transport goods, and Market is you ability to make new trade offers on the “world market”.
    It may seem redundant but its not.
    One can be used without the other.
    – You may need cargo to transport goods continuously between your own territories, meaning it will be independent of trading.
    – Trade offers can be one-time transfers too, meaning its not a permanent trade route and wont require cargo.
    – Once a trade route is opened, it wont require the trading service anymore (or maybe still a bit, but less, havnt decided yet), however it will start requiring the cargo service depending on how far and how much is transfered.

    Roughly , cargo is the “maintenance” of current trade routes while “market” is the ability to propose new ones, as well as making one-time exchanges.

  8. This looks great, like always.

    Services seems interesting, especially the ones giving bonuses and improvements.

    I’m having some questions about the others :
    “– Builders produce a construction service now required to build most things.”
    How does it works ? It’s a stockpiling resource or it is a flow ?

    “– Docks produce a cargo service, which will be used to operate trade routes.”
    Isn’t it redundant with Markets ?

    “– Markets produce a trading service, which will be used to create ‘inter-city’ trade offers.”
    Is it like in recents Civilizations : “Have a trade road per market maximum” ?

  9. Oh my lord! I can not wait now! (setting A hundred bucks away for this!) This game is going to be epic, I built my gaming pc for this 3k called The Trooper Build! And more to come, but besides that, I’m loving it!

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