All resources completed!

After the buildings, i’ve now completed all the resource graphics!
Generic tools resources have been replaced by specific tools : hammers, saws, shovels..
There is now proper ores for each metal, and i added tin, bronze, steel, coal and coke.
There’s also furnitures and carpets, rum, blocs for each stone types, cotton, wool… plus the missing sprites for all the food types like rice, cheakpeas, dates, figs, beans…
All previously existing sprites have also been re-rendered and improved with new shaders.

I’m also adding lots of pieces of military equipment. There is now about 20 types of equipment: armors, shields, helmets and weapons. They will be used to recruit various units.
Which leads to the last step of graphical contents : units.

A preview of some of the resource sprites

3 Replies to “All resources completed!”

  1. Well, Oink already said it. It’s gorgeous.

    Are you doing different “levels” of units depending of their equipment’s quality, or completely new units which weren’t there in the old public game ?
    If new, can you do some mounted troops in addition to Horses, Elephants and Mammoths ? Cows or Llamas could be cool (but I’m not sure a Llama is strong enough to lift a pig to go to war).

  2. All these sprites are gorgeous. It will indeed be very satisfying to store them in our warehouses.

    I’m looking forward to see the units. The soldiers wearing these badass golden armors and knight helmets will certainly make an impression on the battlefields.

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