The speed update


This update adds a long-needed option: the ability to control game speed for solo and realtime games, making the solo or local multiplayer experience much more dynamic. 
The game host now has game speed controls on the top right of the screen, allowing him to speed up the overall game speed up to 4 times. This allows to speed up battles, or moments when you’re waiting for resources to stock or new events.

This update also add a new “solo” game preset, with even faster speed settings  than realtime, to make things even more dynamic for players who want to practice and learn the game in solo.

Another noteworthy change is the addition of all the missing UI details in the territorial menu: culture evolution, population health, life quality and intelligence now all have the proper stat breakdown to understand where these values are coming from and how they are calculated.

Besides that, Outposts have been rebalanced. Territorial status can now be tech locked or require some policies to be active: outposts now require the government tech, and fair exchange to be active. 
They also are more expensive, as every productive building (that has workers) has an upkeep cost of +1.
Sleeping building also now have an upkeep cost of +1.



The speed update
– added new “solo” game preset, with faster speed than realtime games (especially construction, research, and new ideas rate)
– added game speed controls (x1,x2,x4) for the game host, in solo and realtime game modes.
– added territory culture UI details
– added territory’s population health, life quality, and intelligence UI details.
– added territorial tech and policy prerequisites.
– outposts now require government and fair exchange enabled
– colonies now require leadership enabled
– increased population conflict in outposts +200%
– increased loyalty bonus of outposts from 25 to 35.
– all sleeping building’s upkeep +1
– outpost buildings upkeep +1 (not houses)
– slightly lowered desertion speed of armies
– lowered changing outpost penalty from -50 loyatly to -20
– lowered barbarian activity in solo and realtime
– fixed flickering units on water rafts
– fixed AI pathfinding issues an infite battles caused by water
– fixed broken tax income and added UI details
– fixed bug in state power transfer from treaties
– fixed some critical game exploits
– fixed issues with tile edge display and platforms
– fixed bug of server restarting on wrong port in daily restarts
– fixed bug resulting in incoherent health bonus from food quality
– fixed tabs of the region control pannel resetting to the formation tab all the time in world view.
– fixed bug where actions could be executed without the required AP (battle, invade… )
– fixed bug allowing for faster movement speed on the worldmap when giving successive movement orders.
– lowered density and amount of primitive tribes in solo and realtime games.
– repaired auto-shut down option for servers
– placeholder: disabled free cities

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