The decimal prices update

This small update comes to mainly rebalance multiple things related to the price calculation of resources in order to counter price-gouging explotis used to generate easily very high incomes.

Arbitrage & Market study

Both these factors have been modified and rebalanced to complicate price gouging.
Now, all neighboring territories will count to define the “regional price” of a resource used in arbitrage, even territories with whom the player has no trading relations (although at -75% influence), representing the influence of smuggling. The decay of a neigbor’s influence from distance has been lowered as well.

For market study, the formula has been reviewed to give less volatile results that are less influenced by the supply/demand ratio. Previous formula was defective on low volumes, causing it to give extremely high results making it easy to achieve high prices and therefore high incomes. The supply/demand was compounded, having influence in the market study and then again in the official supply/demand factor.
New market study is now much more influenced by the wealth of the different social classes.
It will now be very hard to reach high prices in cities with no rich classes.

Victory point changes

The victory points have been simplified, now every player contributes all his Victory points to the nation instead of contributing a different share based on his rank. This was done to simplify things for player and to prevent exploits of rearranging ranks temporarily to get an instant surprise victory.
However, a nation will now need about 75% of the world scores to gain 100 victory points and win.

The upcoming update…

This is just a minor update to rebalance some urgent things. The reason its rather limited after this much time is that i’ve been working on the next major update which will be the biggest update since the early access began, changing a lot of the game dynamics.
That upcoming update will focus on governance and state power, with many new techs, capital government buildings, regional territories attached to cities, territorial statuses, more progressive growth for nations etc…
This will be a very significant update that requires all the new mechanics to be completed together, and retro-compatibility with current games on this version will not be good due to the extent of the modifications. Therefore until then things will remain quiet.

The decimal prices update

– Added support for decimal prices of resources
– made “base price” factor affected by cultural production skills
– fixed market trade isues causing a modification of recurrent offers sizes
– fixed problems with crushing resolutions & invasion
– all nation ranks now contribute at 100% of their Victory points to the nation
– it now takes 75% of world scores to reach 100VP instead of 50%
– fixed bug in resource price calculation causing invalid market share factor (used in market study)
– reworked price arbitrage formula to increase influence of more distant neighboring territories
– regional price (of price arbitrage) now even includes the territories without any trading relations, but with an influence reduced by 75%
– fixed battle pathfinding issue

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