Improving the Civilization Points Update

This update focuses on polishing the previous update that introduced the Cultural system with Civilization Points.
Based on community feedback and experience from the ongoing games, it rebalances many aspects of the Cultural system.

  • Traits can now be revoked, but it requires a significant time to do so and it can only be done one at a time.
  • The bonuses given by production skill levels have been rebalanced and are now specific to each resource to ensure each resource is more worth specializing into.
  • Military units no longer require the equipment techs to be recruited, allowing for more weaponry trading and specialization (ex: archers can now be recruited out of bows even if you don’t have the bow production skill or knowledge)
  • The formula for progress towards new Cultural levels has been changed. Instead of being simply the total of produced State Culture, it is now the total of State Culture produced per habitant *100. The reason for this is to eliminate the population amount of this equation, as it favored too much players with lots of city vs players playing with only one or two. Now both can earn new Civpoints at the same rate, and average life quality in their city is what will differentiate them.
  • Cultural traits are now reset when spawning in a colony or as a new leader, and automatically reassigned based on the city’s contents. 

This update also sees the introduction of the Official Test Server, that will be running in the Tester branch to test upcoming patches before they are applied to the Main branch. 
To play on the Tester branch, you need to go into the game steam properties, in the beta tab, and select the branch “tester”. 
This will allow less frequent and more stable updates on the main branch, and therefore the rest of the servers, but it does require players willing to play in a more unstable test version of the game. I had tried this before when the early access started but the Test server couldn’t maintain enough active players to be worth it. As long as this one remains active, it will allow for more stable and smooth game updates.

Improving the Civilization Points Update
– cutural traits are procedurally reset and reassigned for colonies and new leader spawns
– added confirmation popups before making cultural point changes
– added ability to revoke cultural traits one at a time (about 48h for persistent games)
– progress of cultural level changed from ‘total produced state culture’ to ‘total produced state culture per habitant x100’
– fixed culture intelligence feedback loop: culture generated by population is now affected by Life quality rather than intelligence
– fixed issues with bloomery tech idea
– agricultural food skills now provide a much bigger productivity bonus (about +20% per level)
– made custom productivity/materials bonus per resource instead of 1 single value for all resources
– updated wealth production of buildings to account for productivity bonus of cultural skills
– units can be recruited out of available equipment even if the techs to produce these equipments are not known
– all consumable related techs now auto enable consumption trait as well as production (when these are required)
– free production skill for pottery, cloth, and leathercloth
– wooden battlements are now unlocked by ‘construction’ knowledge (same time as wooden platforms)
– production skill of meat only unlocks with ‘Animal capture’ knowledge
– increased range of flint collectors, mud camps, woodcutters
– free production skill for flour resource

Previous hotfixes
– fixed empty chat notifications at every restart
– fixed “my games” tab not working
– fixed armies retreating voluntarily (ex out of ammo) from not auto encamping
– fixed crushing victories not giving loot to winner
– added failsafe to prevent invalid nb of used civpoints
– fixed missing recruitable units: wolf warriors, bearserkers, elephants
– fixed but with hunting mission not completing if first attempt failed
– fixed nations names not updating when game is over
– fixed UI issue with GDP exceeding value limit in territory menu
– fixed UI issues in the trade orders text inputs
– fixed another issue in battle pathfinding between defensive layers causing battle issues
– fixed bug where production skill levels don’t provide correct bonuses (lvl3 is lvl2)
– fixed bug where civpoint monopolized by ongoing projects is not freed before trying to auto-enable trait, causing it to fail
– fixed bug causing migrants resettling to generate too much local culture in small settlements
– excluded workmarkers (building platforms & terrain) from inaccessible self destruction
– fixed NPC factions having 0 skills/consumptions
– fixed problem with state ownership costs when combined to an export trade route
– implemented max values for trade offers
– paused auto-destruct of infrastructures if there’s an ongoing battle
– fixed bug causing erratic movements of units in battles leading to server crashes and stuck battles.
– theater, baths, washing and tavern services don’t require production skill

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