Upgrading to a newer version of the engine

I decided to try upgrading Ymir to a newer version of the engine i use, Game maker.
This will take some time, as it causes numerous problems due to the changes made to the engine.

Bad :
– I lose all the extensions i used : they’re now either obsolete or incompatible.
– No more multithreading… It was one of the main reasons i didnt upgrade before, as this experimental dll was abandonned and doesn’t work in more recent versions.
– It will take an unknown amount of work to fix all the issues due to the upgrade. likely weeks.

Good :
– The engine is way more optimized, however i can only measure the difference when all the work is done… will it compensate the loss of multi threading ?
– Allows a potential multiplatform release
– The code is more secured
– But most of all, this new version has some built in functions to support steam integration, which is something i’ll definitely need.

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