The prices update

The price algorithm has been rewritten from scratch to get more accurate dynamic prices, especially its market study component.
Luxury and rare resources should now be priced much higher as a result, as they should have been.
The price UI has been redone to facilitate understanding the different factors influencing pricing of resources. Each element now also provides tooltips with more details and explanation of what it represents.

The prices update
– new market study algorithm that finds the right prices more accurately than before
– removed state consumption factor from prices, for now
– added ‘work price’ , increasing prices depending on the amount of workforce required to produce a unit of resource
– new price UI with more details and reorganized to offer better understanding of the different factors influencing a resource’s final price
– fixed various issues with “new leader” types of spawn
– added a new round of server optimizations to reduce issues on larger games
– armies whose home regions do not have enough population to maintain troops will now decay and gradually lose units.
– some advanced state power policies now require fair exchange.
– added a new “army marshal” status in Nations. Marshals can control all the National armies regardless of their position in the nation’s hierarchy.
– reduced efficiency of pastures

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