The Partisans update

This update adds Partisans, a different type of rebellion now specific to “resistance” from invaded cities. Partisans uprisings can happen regardless of the loyalty level of the city, as long as there is resistance.
Each uprising however lowers the level of resistance.

This update also adds limited ammo for ranged units in battle, and increases the cover provided by defensive walls and battlements.
This should fix the problem of range units being the best offensive unit as they could wipe out entire defenses not matter the fortifications, provided they had the highest range. Now, range units will deal much less damage, and once their ammo is depleted they will retreat and leave the battle.

Lastly, Nations now provide automatic right of passage, trading agreement, and defensive pact: if a member is attacked, all other members will automatically declare war as well, with the breaking closes being on the side of the initial aggressor.
This will help national armies to become relevant as they’ll be immediately usable in case of attack, unlike before where each nation member would have to declare war manually once online, so that his national armies could be used.

The Partisans update
– reduced home distance malus of AP recovery from 5 to 3% per tile.
– changing home of a formation now depletes all its AP and auto-encamps it.
– it is no longer possible to renounce control of a region that has an active resistance mouvement
– removed honor penalty when renouncing control of a region
– removed honor penalty when losing a region to rebels
– added a different event for rebellions caused by resistance: partisans uprisings. They can happen independtly of the region’s loyalty and tend to be better equiped than rebels.
– partisan uprising events lower the level of resistance in the city proportionnally to the strength of the uprising.
– losing a city to partisans has an honor penalty proportionnal to the amount of resistance in the city
– removed auto-encampment when ordering a movement or actions with insufficient AP for it
– removed AP cost of disbanding troops
– doubled AP cost of transfering troops
– fixed an error causing battles to be invisible in the region view (and potentially other battle related bugs).
– increased coal output of coal terrain tiles
– rebel regions rejoining their legitimate owner now get a free restauration bonus
– added ‘ammo’ to units in battle -> attacking range units with depleted ammo will retreat from the battle, defensive units will idle.
– defending armies in cities get a x5 ammo boost.
– increased cover from palissades and defensive battlements.
– cover (when >0) is now displayed next to troop banner flags, when deploying them and during battles.
– fixed palissades not providing cover for the tile on the other side of the wall.
– It’s no longer possible to abandon buildings in resistant cities.
– It’s no longer possible to respawn on a character/city you were the last player to control.
– fixed issue with missing events of “crushed” battle resolutions
– nation members now get automatic right of passage and trade agreement
– nation members now get automatic defensive pact (if one member is attacked, all others auto-declare war legally)

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