The new building UI

Highlight of the new building UI and resource production


Here is a screenshot of the new building UI, in this case for a production building.
I’m going to explain a bit what it tells us about this particular building.
The top part gives us general informations about the building while the bottom is specific to its role ( production ).

General infos
The building is a farm, and it currently costs 1 coin of maintenance. It has points of structure ( the building’s hp ) and solidity ( the building’s “armor” ).
On top right we have the currently available general functions : abandon the building, put it to sleep or tear it down. We see the building is currently functional, and employs 3 porcos as farmers.
On the bottom right of these general infos, we see there is one upgrade available to another farm building (details about the upgrade would pop up when putting the mouse over that button).

Then there’s the role specific UI on the bottom. Here its the UI of a production type building.
Its divided in 2 parts : production of resources and distribution of these resources.

It also shows the available annexes for this building. Annexes are sub-buildings that belong to a main building.
In the case of this farm, we see it can build “field” annexes giving additional resource production, and you can choose what type of crops you want these fields to grow.
It can also build a distribution annex , the “barter area”, allowing to distribute produced goods directly to the population.

Production and distribution
We see 2 of the farmers are busy producing while the 3rd one is busy distributing, selling some of the production directly to the population using one built distribution annex.
The building is producing 0.9 of beans and 0.6 of corn, and all the beans are distributed by that 3rd porco . The remaining production (here the corn ) will go into granaries or be sold by merchants. Production is always expressed “per cycle”. A cycle can last a variable amount of real time depending on the game settings. If you’re playing in a persistent 24/7 game its likely to be 2hours while in a ‘realtime’ game it would be something more like a minut.
The building has an efficiency of 2. That depends of the building itself but eventually will also depend of techs, connection to roads and placement.
This, combined with the actual number of porcos producing, defines the actual workforce of the building ( 3 ). This workforce is used to work all the production sources available : 8 fields of beans, 9 fields of corn, and 29 wild beans in range of the farm. The 2 farmers are 100% busy working these and while the fields are properly exploited, we can see they don’t have enough workforce to also fully exploit the wild beans. To do that we’d need more workforce, so if we wanted we could upgrade the farm to increase its efficiency or put back the 3rd porco in production (but the farmers would lose the income of direct distribution which is higher than selling to merchants ).

This farm is adding 9 to the total region wealth. Wealth produced by buildings is directly proportional to the amount of busy workforce of the building.
Total region wealth is then splitted between all the inhabitants of the regions depending on their respective incomes. A porco’s wealth defines its purchasing power and therefore the price of goods in the region (as merchants will continuously adapt to the available market), so its pretty important to increase it. Think of Wealth as some sort of objective unit of GDP.

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  1. Well, I do remember than it wasn’t as much as a problem than you’ll think, since the grow of my population was only controlled by the afflux of food at some point. So if I somehow managed to bring another source of meat to my capital the max population would grow a bit more and stagnate at this new maximum.
    Hungry pigs died as much new pigs were born, and everything was fine (for me) in the end. Except than some guys probably never had a full stomach.

    So even if I didn’t understood what was going with the economy I was managing to keep my population level.
    On the other hand, now than “state revenues” are more important than two years ago, I wouldn’t take bets.
    But I’m sure it’s still fine. Less cities than before (so less meat sources) but automatic trading instead is a good exchange.

    Thank for the answer. 😀

  2. Well its been so long now ^^.
    I think since then i fixed errors in the simulation and added player consumption to the economy ( the fact you now pay materials when building and incomes goes to the appropriate producers ).
    So your weird results could have been errors.

    Or it can be normal, as again its by design that producing enough food doesnt necessarily means everyone will be feeded. We technically produce enough food for every human on our planet yet there’s still a pretty big amount of people starving. So food disparity is expected independently of production.
    Also like in reality , food producers can paradoxically be the ones suffering from hunger. Now there’s a module making sure producers keep a minimum of the production for themselves but i had to disable it as it had weird effects. Its something i’ll have to fix.

  3. That’s great to have all theses informations collected in one place instead of having to try to divinate what do they mean.

    Was there some modifications in the economy since the open beta two years ago ?
    And is that important to try to have everyone porco earn some money ? Because I never understood how but with full food and everyone working, I had some impressive disparity of feeded porcos. Even some of my foods workers had problems to feed themselves.
    So, I suppose this influence global happiness of the city ?

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