The Hog News 20

Progress is slowly becoming more and more visible again, as i finished refining most of the ‘core’ systems from the alpha 1 prototype.
I’ve also been away for about a week in vacation and i kept working on fixing various bugs and optimizations.

I’m busy improving systems to keep client data synced with server data in the most automatic and centralized way as possible, so a single system can deal with ‘everything’, making debugging easier and improving stability.
In a more concrete summary, i have restored and refined these functionalities from the alpha 1 :
– automatic building ‘AI’ spawning ( buildings beeing automatically placed and spawned by server instead of player, for things like slums and resource storages )
– cities displayed in worldmap, sync of world regions with server
– colonizing regions.
– basic region UI , also added a minimap at last!

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  1. Yeah i like my name generator ^^

    About regions : that’s the confusing thing, before regions looked square in the game view.
    But its an isometric view with “perspective” , meaning a tile is smaller vertically than horizontally.
    So in fact, by having a region appear to fit in a square, it meant the region ground was in fact a vertical rectangle.

    Now regions are twice the size horizontally, so the ground surface is the thing that is now square instead of a ‘half’ vertical rectangle.
    And that means that in the actual game view, it looks like a horizontal rectangle because of that same ” perspective”…

    The minimap actually shows the region surface as if seen from top-down, and that’s why this one is square!

  2. Ambroise Dirtypride, this name fits perfectly for a porcos politician :p

    I remember that region maps have doubled in size and are rectangular shaped now. Did you compress one side to make the mini map look like a square? Or does the minimap display just a piece of the global area?

    Anyway, always glad to get some news!

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