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Today, besides the ongoing work on the battle code and battle ‘AI’ , i’m adding a little feature i’m always annoyed no to find in games : spawning near a friend.
Now, when you create a character, additionally to the options where you can filter the types of starts you want, you can now select a character to spawn close to.
When doing this , you will be assigned the nearest starting location matching your other settings ( climate types etc.. ).
This way, you’ll be able to easily play in coop with friends, starting near them without having this annoying struggle of finding each other or having to respawn until you’re not so far!

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  1. It sounds like an awfull place to settle on. 😛 No resources, it means no fish and no exploitable stones or metals? At first glance, colonizing these regions seem completely useless from a strategic point of view. Unless you can import animals from other regions and breed them locally, or specialize your city in manufacturing only and rely on other cities for raw materials inputs, I can’t see any interest in settling there.

  2. I havent really worked on those yet. So they do exist, technically you can colonize them. But they’re basically just bedrock with no ressources. I still should make proper ice and permafrost blocks.

  3. Speaking of regions, i have been wondering something for a while but never got to ask it: Will it be possible to undertake some actions in polar regions (the snowy areas we can see on some screenshots)? Like crossing them, or even colonize them?

  4. Yes it does. It first filters available spawns depending on the settings you want ( example : only primitive starts in arid regions ), and then, if you added a character to spawn near from it selects the closest of these points to that character.

    So if you simply want the closest point no matter what, you can simply leave all the other filters off.
    And yes, in your example, if your friend is in a desert and you filter to spawn only in nordic regions, its going to be pretty pointless. You will still technically spawn in the closest nordic region though.

  5. That will be usefll, for the reasons listed by Oink. I only knew one game which, if my memory is correct, allowed to spawn near a friend, and it was Travian, years ago. I remember my alliance was spread on three points, but maybe it was just luck and maybe there was no such feature. ^^
    Anyway, that was great for playing. Gave a reason to invest itself in the alliance, since some guys was just near you. And it was friends, not “some guys I just met”.

    One question. Since “When doing this , you will be assigned the nearest starting location matching your other settings ( climate types etc.. )”, climate and others settings supersede the “near a friend” setting, right ? I mean, if one is in the toundra and his friend want to spawn in the desert, it will be hard to make them not too afar, no ?

    Like always, great to receive news. 🙂

  6. Nice feature. Besides being convenient, it will also encourage players to try to persuade their friends to try the game with them, as a good friend can make a reliable nearby ally. This feature can therefore indirectly help to promote the game.
    It will also allow guilds of players to emerge and organize themselves.

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