Server optimization update

This update brings major memory optimizations for servers, to fix the “out of memory” errors that started poping up on older servers with a lot of content. This update can reduce up to 60% the RAM used by the servers, and also comes with a small performance improvement.

Besides that, this update also brings misc fixes for bugs and issues. Notably, issues related to modifying the terrain or platforms around water. Water will now update in realtime when digging, and digging tools are now unlocked around bronze age along with wooden platforms and towers.

This update also adds a new “My games” tab in the ” Join game” menu: this tab lists all your currently played characters (on the same pc), and allows to conveniently load them directly, whether its a local game or a multiplayer game.
For multiplayer games it also saves the last known address of the server so that you can connect even when the steam lobbies mess up and that the server doesn’t appear in it, which tends to happen.

Server optimisation update
– major server memory optimisation
– minor server performance optimisation
– server auto-deletes aknowledged old events
– server auto-deletes dead characters data after a certain time
– server auto-deletes old finished treaties
– lowered region decay treshold in realtime/solo games
– fixed display problem when selecting neutral territories on the worldmap not showing their colors.
– renouncing occupied territories now gives it back directly to the occupied player instead of rebels.
– fixed bug with platform destruction tool applied to all tiles event when there’s no platforms.
– water modification now updated and visible in realtime when modifying the terrain.
– fixed logic issues with terrain and water modification.
– fixed stone tower having officials instead of guards.
– fixed some issues with CJK fonts.
– fixed succession votings not working.
– added “my games” into the Join Games menu, allowing to directly save servers and characters being played and to join the directly.
– fixed a display issue on the worldmap causing regions to be visually missing.
– fixed sending treaties and texts to server not timing out when failing, and causing a client crash.
– added crushing defeats on settled territories to prevent spamming exploit.
– unlocked terraforming and wooden walls and towers earlier in bronze age;
– increased demand for truffles
– occupied cities no longer lose claims

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