I have pretty important news to announce :
As some of the people following Ymir for a while sur have noticed, things have been going pretty slowly for the last years. Having a dayjob doesnt leave much time and energy to do other big projects.
For the last 3 years i’ve been working at The Creative Assembly in UK. It’s been a really cool and rich experience to work in a big studio, and i learned a lot of things there. But i’ve decided to resign from my current position this December, and starting next year i’ll be working full time on Ymir.
I’ve been saving funds for a while now, enough to hold more or less a year. There will be no turning back now, and it will either suceed of fail when i run out of funds and have to look for another regular job.
Alpyro, who’s work you’ve seen recently, should be joining me in this next year, and helping me out especially for graphics stuff, allowing me to focus more on code and design.
My first objective will probably be to greenlight the game, and then possibly trying crowdfunding.
But more than that, my main objective is to complete within a year a playable version of the game with enough of gameplay mechanics implemented to make it a valid game that can already be enjoyable.

Now , with the moving out of UK, the christmas holidays and finding a new place to stay, it will probably take a few months before i’m actually fully working on Ymir.
This is on of the biggest risks i ever had to take, but i’m convinced i’m not the only one who’s like to play a real multiplayer city building game, and that it can be worth it. Anyway i couldnt have finished it at this rate, and i knew i had to try this. Otherwise that’s a thing i would have wondered all my life ” what if i had ? ” . So i guess i’ll go find out!

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  1. Ronchon, you’re the man! Do the best you can and I’m sure this game will be the greatest game ever made. For myself, I’ll try to spread the word over all Québec!

  2. Well, Ronchon,

    I wich you good luck, hopes it works out for you,
    and as Granhyt sayd, if one day, you need help, don’t hesitate to call for us (the ymir online comunity, and coders)

    can’t wait to see how you’ll make it turn out !

  3. God wills it! Best of luck, and I’m sure everyone here on the forums supports you!

  4. Good luck and be strong, we’ll follow you to the end of the world !!

    I know some peoples who never commented, but are interested in the game. I even have a friend who asked me to warn him when a “beta” would open.

    And if, with my limited competences in english, but okayish in french, I could help you some day, don’t hesitated, I’m availabre and I really, really want than Ymir met the success it should.

  5. Well spoken my dear Ronchon. There is nothing worse than regrets. Follow your dream and rock it !

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