Growth details, new unit recruitment and terrain tools.

I have, at last, reworked the population Growth algorythm and finally added all the details UI so players can understand more what’s going on.
All the stats are displayed ‘per generation’ so you can get a good idea of how your demographics are evolving.
Here you can see my active population is stable as the amount of new actives just balances out the amount dying or getting old.
Sickness is directly connected to health and vital needs of your populaiton while murders will be connected to the amount of ‘conflict’ in your society.
I will later on add one thing that is still not implemented at this point : armies support. Like in the old Civs, armies will have a “support” home region, because as generations pass and soliders get older, they also need to be constantly renewed and that will take a share of the supporting region’s growth. Right now it’s a bit odd as soldiers in armies are therefore immortals. ^^

The growth UI also gives a detailed breakdown of the birthrate in your population with the ” breeding rate” pannel. This represents the percentage of adult population that will breed and have piglets, and it depends as you can see on many factors such as the number of piglets Sows already have, the city size, vital needs satisfaction etc…


There’s still a lot of UI to finish in this game…
Its now possible to recruit units into formations again, as i’ve completed this new UI for recruitment.
Also you no longer need to be into the region to do that, and you can load/unload inventory or recruit new troops directly from the world map.

Now an exiting new feature :
I’m now starting the work on fortifications and defensive measures. That means walls, platforms but also , for now, terrain modification.
I’ve began implementing the possibility to modify the height of the terrain, which will allow players to rearrange terrain as they wish, like flattening areas or developing a defensive position to build a nice fort.
However this will be a really costly thing to do for players especially in early game.

As you can see in the screenshot below, when using the tool you will first get a preview of the planned work with the modified tiles appearing hightlighted.
When validated, the tiles to be modified will be marked and locked, waiting to be actually worked one by one as the task progresses. This will be a pretty slow process and will consume a huge amount of tools in particular. So doing something a bit crazy like what i did there is probably not going to be a good idea.

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  1. Platforms will be a generic system including “walls”. A wall will simply be a platform built as a line above ground. Platforms will also be used to make bridges and all , and you’ll be able to build on it as well.

    Yes assailants will be able to climb. With a movement penalty equal to the height difference.
    Not sure what will be the difference between blocs of ground and walls yet. Probably a difference in cost and time to build it at first. Maybe some defensive structures will only be buildable on platforms, like wall crenalations.

  2. Water spread, this is great! I expect to see some Acropolis/ Mont-Saint-Michel shaped, over-defended fortress in the future.

    By the way, in term of defensive potential, what is the difference between a block of soil and a wooden wall? Will assailants be able to climb? And what do you mean by platform?

  3. The thunderbolt buttons are … classified ^^ .
    They’re buttons to access some dev tools.

    No you can’t change a tile’s type for now. However here we see a preview of the terrain modification, so when the terrain actually gets modified, it will act as any other terrain tile with grass on it if relevant.

    Yes you’ll be able to dig and spread water 🙂

  4. Terrain modification yeeaahhh! Ymir feels even more sandbox now.

    Just for the record, what is the maximum height we can reach with these kinds of structures (above the water level)?

    And can we dig down too? It could be useful to design defensive moats or irrigation canals, potentially fillable with water if linked to a natural source.

    The population growth interface seems very convenient as well. I like the way intelligent porcos are more reluctant to have children :p

  5. Huzzah for pyramids !
    Even if the one you’re showing isn’t that big. Would it be possible to remplace this gravel mount by grass ?

    On the third image, what does thunderbolts represent ? I don’t remember ever seeing them.

    Nice for the rest, always good to have more informations. Population growth ? Especially useful.

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