Anti-piracy patch!

Another patch was applied today, adding new piracy countermeasures that i’ve been working on this past week. 
This is mostly to prevent illegitimate copies of the game to access legitimate servers (as it only took a few days before it started spreading fast).
So… thank pirates for even slower development, as i doubt this will be the end of it!

This should also reduce the usage of multi-accounts, as they’re most likely relying on the use of pirated versions as well. 
I might start researching on how to limit this in the near future as it threatens the game balance, if it starts spreading on official games as well.

This update also adds bug fixes on the server side, still in an effort to increase server stability.

Most of the next patches will probably keep focusing on bug fixing and server stability/management and networking, so don’t expect much new exciting features for now!


– added piracy countermeasures to protect legitimate servers
– increased production of directly exploited metal ore tiles
– increased efficiency of furniture makers, and required workforce to produce furniture -> increase wealth from furniture makers.
– set realtime games character limit to 1.
– fixed invalid preview of generated resistance when claiming an occupied territory
– changed -1 resistance decay to a proportionnal to population decay ( 1 per 100 resistance )
– fixed bug of units deploying on the edge of the map

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