The score & metals update

This small update brings 2 main modifications:

In an effort to increase the amounts of ores traded on markets, the amount of ore necessary to refine metals such as copper, tin or iron have been reduced by 2: it now only takes 1 of ore to make 1 of refined metal. On top of that, the efficiency of the mining shaft annexes have been further increased. This should greatly increase the amount of ore available from mines and give more intensive for players to trade and export it to players with no mines.

The other main change is another modification of score calculations to fix issues preventing games from being won by score even when a nation dominates.
This update should now make victory more possible, hopefully allowing the old “ended” official servers to finally end and be restarted fresh.
To do this, the score inherited from subordinates is increased, resulting in a higher score for the nation leader and therefore more Victory Points. 
And to make the score of a global nation more coherent, it’s now the sum of the scores of all members regardless of their ranks, but excluding the scores inherited from subordinates as it would be redundant.

Besides that, i’m glad to announce that i’ve finally come up with a plan of how to properly end games, which is something i’ve had in the back of my head for a while. Besides the current simple victory by points, the victory missions will be removed and replaced with an “endgame event” that will start with gathering a certain number of artifacts and offer a choice between 2 endings. I don’t want to say more for now! I’ll start working on it soon, but its going to be a big task requiring a fair amount of new features and content to work. This should provide a more satisfying ending to games and something to look forward to when playing.


The score & metals update
– metals now only consume 1 of ore instead of 2 to refine
– mine shaft annexes are much more efficient and productive
– the contribution to nation score now excludes score inherited from subordinates, but it also no longer reduced by position in hierarchy.
– the share of inherited score from direct subordinates has been significantly increased
– storage policy gets reset if resource is unused, to avoid stocking lockdown issue
– fixed more issues with CJK fonts display
– added WIP chinese (simplified) translation
– data of all controlled territories now get preloaded during initial game session loading
– reduced tech & resources spawn bonus in early game
– fixed server crash caused by instacrushing resolution of rebellions in cities
– fixed display issue of claims appearing and disapearing
– fixed dispaly issue of large city sprites missing on worldmap >2000hab
– addded failsafes and logs to better diagnose an ongoing issue of account corruption on some servers
– fixed problems with score UI display
– fixed forum in construction already providing community service (and other similar issues)
– lowered influence of arbitrage when world price is below local price
– fixed issue with prices not updating

Server optimization update

This update brings major memory optimizations for servers, to fix the “out of memory” errors that started poping up on older servers with a lot of content. This update can reduce up to 60% the RAM used by the servers, and also comes with a small performance improvement.

Besides that, this update also brings misc fixes for bugs and issues. Notably, issues related to modifying the terrain or platforms around water. Water will now update in realtime when digging, and digging tools are now unlocked around bronze age along with wooden platforms and towers.

This update also adds a new “My games” tab in the ” Join game” menu: this tab lists all your currently played characters (on the same pc), and allows to conveniently load them directly, whether its a local game or a multiplayer game.
For multiplayer games it also saves the last known address of the server so that you can connect even when the steam lobbies mess up and that the server doesn’t appear in it, which tends to happen.

Server optimisation update
– major server memory optimisation
– minor server performance optimisation
– server auto-deletes aknowledged old events
– server auto-deletes dead characters data after a certain time
– server auto-deletes old finished treaties
– lowered region decay treshold in realtime/solo games
– fixed display problem when selecting neutral territories on the worldmap not showing their colors.
– renouncing occupied territories now gives it back directly to the occupied player instead of rebels.
– fixed bug with platform destruction tool applied to all tiles event when there’s no platforms.
– water modification now updated and visible in realtime when modifying the terrain.
– fixed logic issues with terrain and water modification.
– fixed stone tower having officials instead of guards.
– fixed some issues with CJK fonts.
– fixed succession votings not working.
– added “my games” into the Join Games menu, allowing to directly save servers and characters being played and to join the directly.
– fixed a display issue on the worldmap causing regions to be visually missing.
– fixed sending treaties and texts to server not timing out when failing, and causing a client crash.
– added crushing defeats on settled territories to prevent spamming exploit.
– unlocked terraforming and wooden walls and towers earlier in bronze age;
– increased demand for truffles
– occupied cities no longer lose claims

Bugfixes update

I’m back after a month of vacation 🙂
This update brings a bunch of miscellaneous exploit fixes and small rebalances. 

One significant change is that from now on, below -200 of state power, players will directly lose armies and territories as their state collapse, effectively triggering a game over unless the situation is fixed quickly.

Most other fixes are here to counter exploits that have been rampaging through the servers.

Now another issue that most games have is that they reached their “end” but have yet to be won officially.
Therefore they keep going on while players leave, and its creating a rather anti-climatic end.
For this i’ll be reworking the score and endgame until i can get these games to effectively end. This will also allow me to finally restart new fresh games on the official servers.  
As a first step in this direction i’ve made a change to the PAR score calculation, which will result in more Victory Points for the leading nation getting them closer to effective victory.

Bugfixes update
– fixed armies not paying AP for their action when retreating
– fixed exploit when converting militias into armies
– added more infos in persistent games lobby
– fixed cultural integration (dismantling) not reset for vassals of a player joining a nation by treaty/vassalization
– fixed UI problem with owning character of occupied territories on the worldmap
– rebalanced “PAR” score calculation: now based on an average that ignores the score component of score gained from subordinates -> will increase VP of dominant nations.
– fixed issue with battles display for long battles causing them to visually restart/reset.
– added “government collapse” events when below -200 state power, causing direct loss of territories and formations.
– empty cities (0 pop) will decay even if they belong to active characters.
– fixed problems with hardware survey failing from unusual characters in windows username.
– fixed ui problem with the tutorial
– adding new character missions
– distance penalty for cities does now maxed at -95%
– horses and camels +1 nb attack
– adding ideas trigger bonus in solo mode to ensure all techs ideas can be unlocked
– school intelligence bonus lowered from 15 to 10.
– fixed problem with networking socket ids
– fixed problem with server auto-close
– rebel cities not elligible for decay for about a week after rebellion , in persistent speed
– fixed spawn bonus too strong in newly created games when it should remain at 0 in the first days;
– reorganized and debugged issues with tutorial
– converting militias depletes all AP
– fixed national armies controllable even if you’re at war with their owner
– fixed gaia cities giving movement bonus
– server offtime no longer counts towards character inactivity timers
– fixed too many animals on worlmaps