The ideas propagation update

This new small update mostly changes things on the server side, thus it doesnt bring much new things visible to players, and is mostly focused on rebalancing the overall game’s tech progress rythm.

This update modifies some mechanics about how ideas are unlocked, and adds 2 new ways of discovering ideas:

  • Ideas can now passively spread along trade routes and with neighboring states you are at peace with.
  • You can now learn ideas from a foreign culture if present in one of your cities, which would typically happen after a conquest. This will not happen if the original invaded population is decimated and starving, and the city needs to have significant percentages of your culture and the foreign one for the cultural exchanges to happen.

Besides that, this update modifies other idea related things:

  • After a character discovers a new idea, a cooldown period will reduce its odds of discovering new ideas.
  • Slowed down the discovery of some pivotal techs in mid and late game.

The point of all these measures is on one side to reduce tech differences between nations and on the other to address the current problem of the game’s tech progress going usually too fast once the bronze age is reached, with some nations often quickly rushing through iron and steel and causing too many techs to come too fast.

This update also fixes multiple server-side issues that have been causing crashes on servers.


The ideas propagation update
– added passive spread of ideas along trade routes and neighbors.
– added possibility to inherit ideas from cities with significant foreign culture and population (ex following occupation)
– fixed multiple issues causing server crashes in battles and pathfinding.
– added new invisible server side mechanics to better control and balance discovery speed of specific techs reducing randomness.
– slowed down discovery of some key late game techs.
– service buildings now only produce wealth for used services instead of total produced.
– The odds of unlocking new ideas is temporarily reduced every time a new idea is discovered by the character.
– fixed issue where spawning characters could inherit undiscovered techs.