The Soundtrack update

This update adds 16 minutes of new original soundtrack, with 3 new tracks made by Ben Rawles and 1 track from a guest composer Levi Bond.
Thanks to incomes generated since the Early Access release i was able to commission these new tracks to add more diversity in the musics and reduce their repetitivity: for a game meant to run for multiple hours its especially important to have a soundtrack as long as possible. I’ll eventually keep commissioning additional tracks as long as i can!

Besides that this update brings various tweaks, exploit fixes and bug fixes.

  • Services producing culture can now be seen in their resource menu, and they now only produce culture when consumed by the population ( in order to fix things like the exploit of building many more forums than required by the local population ).
  • Treaties with inactives can now be broken without penalties, to make managing nations easier.
  • When pacifying invaded territories, resistance will now decay faster but culture will decay slower. Additionally, resistance will decay twice as fast if the invaded territory belonged to NPC ( barbarians, rebels ) or  an inactive character, making reclaiming territories easier.
  • Some issues with infrastructures were fixed, such as walls and roads remaining invisibly present below buildings or recycled materials missing when overriding existing infrastructures.


The soundtrack update
– added 16min of new original soundtrack
– only services ‘consumed’ by population will produce cultural bonus (as opposed as total produced), so that the exploit of building more forums than necessary will be thwarted.
– “Claim” action now requires “Leadership” tech
– capped max population bonus when spawning in an existing city + added a temp 25 loyalty bonus
– breaking clauses are now disabled in treaties with inactive characters (= they can be broken with no penalties)
– increased speed of resistance decay in territories
– resistance decay speed x2 for territories that belonged to inactives or NPC
– slowed down rate of foreign culture decay in territories
– fixed issue of +/- 1 unit of resource missing/remaining when spending or adding resources in a territory due to resource decimal fractions
– fixed problem of unloading resources from a formation showing 0 in the formation’s inventory when unloading failed in the territory and was canceled
– fixed infrastructure/terrain not clearing when placing buildings on top
– fixed infrastructure materials not recovered when building a new infrastructure or building on top
– fixed misc UI issues in the Nation tab of the Government menu
– fixed bug of partisans uprisings registering as defeat despite being won
– fixed loyalty warning even not showing for colonies and outposts
– fixed problem of trade route “export” offers registering as “transfer”
– fix bug of replentishing sale offer not reducing actual resource stocks in the territory
– fixed a pathfinding issue
– improved dedicated servers to be able to initialize a game without a pre-existing save or manual setup through the server UI