The walls update

This update adds 2 community requested features : the annex management tool (finally!), and manual distribution limits for merchant buildings.

The annex management tool allows you to see all annexes and their owner at the same time, and to reassign them by click-&-drag.

The new annex management tool allow you to see all annexes and owners, and to reorganize them at will by click-&-drag.
Added the option to limit distribution in all Merchant buildings.

Walls, gates and stairs have been improved. Issues and bugs were fixed regarding their path-finding logic.
Walls now connect with cliffs, making their placement more intuitive. Gates can be placed freely and on their own: for instance you can now place a single gate to block a 1 tile wide platform wall in a castle of a bridge.
New stairs and walls were added.

3 new wall types added : stone, bricks, and stoneblocs.

Stairs now have a custom orientation that can be chosen when placing them (and the placement UI was improved), allowing for more control in the design of fortifications.
WARNING: stairs are not retro-compatible. All stairs placed in previous version will disapear in the new one.

new stone stairs, and new stairs placement UI.


The walls update
– added annex management tool allowing to see and modify the ownership of all annexes ( fields, markets, mining shafts etc… )
– fixed issue of disapearing buttons in the producer’s bdg UI
– added ability to limit distribution of merchants
– fixed various issues of broken logic and display of platforms and walls.
– walls will now snap with cliff edges as expected.
– gates can be freely placed.
– stairs now have 4 possible orientations.
– reduced odds of revolts when low in loyalty so that it happens less instantaneously.
– added stone stairs.
– roads and fields can now be placed freely on slopes.
– added 3 new simple walls: stone, bricks, stoneblocs.
– animal capture now requires farmers instead of hunters.
– increased efficiency of builders.
– added region dropdown menu that allows to jump directly between a player’s cities.
– fix issue not being allowed to settle on territories occupied by other units.
– fixed UI scrolls
– fixed treaty icons not updating correctly in character’s profiles
– fixed missing chat PM channels with other nation members
– AP regeneration of units now benefits from the speed boost when starting a new game
– events no longer auto-close other menus when poping up ( such as contact menu or chat )