The State resources update

After the last update added “profitability” to buildings, adding depth to the economy and making it much less forgiving, this new update adds “State resources”, which will alleviate the issue of having to use heavy subventions on buildings producing resources mostly used by players such as tools and weapons. 
Since profitability was added, these buildings became really difficult to maintain active and players had to use overkill subventions to make sure the workers would have enough income no matter what their production was. This method was really wasteful and impractical.

Now i’ve added proper State-owned resources : you  (the state) can own directly a portion of the stocked resources of a territory.
This amount is now clearly shown in the resource menu.
You don’t pay for resources you already own when using them ( ex for building new stuff ).
You can also set it to auto-buy a specific amount of resources, or more interestingly to buy the whole production continuously, making it a “State resource”. 
This option will be really interesting for strategic resources mentionned above, as you can now make it that the whole production of tools or weapons is automatically bought when produced, ensuring a regular profitable income for the producers without the need of subventions, while not having to pay for these resources later on when using them to build or recruit units as they’ll already be yours.

The new sub-UI to manage State ownership of a resource. It tells you how much resources are currently owned by the state and allows you to control it.
Loading resources into a formations now requires you to take ownership of these, which means paying for them if u don’t own them already.


Besides that, Trade routes now have dynamic prices. The price initially set serves as a minimum limit.
If the local price at the destination is high, the price of these goods will increase in the trade route itself as a consequence.
Because the price in these trade routes also influences the local price in the exporting territory, it means prices are now more likely to spread across regions and something worth 50 in a territory is less likely to be worth 1 in the other territory producing and exporting it.

Also, lots of other minor modifications and fixes, including some improvements in the battle code regarding range units and melee units in defensive zones.


The State resources update
– added state-owned resources: a portion of the stocks that belong directly to you (the state) and do not require buying when using
– added state auto-purchasing of resources production, allowing you to autobuy strategic resources (like weapons and tools) thus facilitating the management of their industries profitabilities.
– trade routes now have dynamic prices. price can increase above its initial minimum if the goods are highly priced in their destination.
– fixed bug of corrupted invisible subvention policies
– fixed issue with Marshals not getting visibility from national armies
– increased scale armor upkeep from 0.2 to 0.3
– increased battleaxe damage from 3 to 4
– tavern service consumes less alcohol
– melee troops assigned to defensive zones may now exit their zone if enemies outside of it are in the same area and actively engaging allies (ex firing at other toops in the defensive zone)
– improved behavior of ranged units in battles: better range detection and they react to enemy charges by firing at least once before being engaged into melee
– fixed issues with raiding and pillaging buildings not working properly
– resistance when taking over a region is now limited by total number of actives in it so that an almost empty territory cannot generate full resistance levels anymore.
– fixed issue of resistance disapearing when transfering invaded regions to other players and allowing for an exploit.
– fixed mounted archers not requiring composite bows tech
– fixed difficulty not resetting when spawning as successor of an existing character
– plaster consummes less limestone
– plans consummes less paper
– reduced clay material cost of justice and school services.
– fixed issue causing clogging of the auto-placement of buildings on the servers.
– dismantling territories (of inactives in nations) now transfers ownership without any penalty: no resistence and auto converts culture.
– fixed servers being delisted from steam lobbies after a while (new attempt).
– lvl 2 hunter efficiency slightly reduced. lvl 3 increased.