Funcitonal terrain modification and platforms

I have completed implementing terrain modification.
As you can see on the screenshots below, the terrain tool as a UI giving you informations of how to use it and cost prediction. Once you’re happy with your modifications and validate, the modified tiles become marked. At this point, the process is free.
Then, each tile will be worked gradually with time, actually consuming the required tools and coins as it goes.


I’ve also implemented platforms.
Their creation and tool is similar to terrain modification. You first plan and preview your work and then validate the task, which creates marked tiles that are gradually modified one by one ( also the task can be cancelled just by deleting these marked tiles ).

Once a platform is built, its acts almost like a any tile of terrain. You may actually build any infrastructure on it, but also buildings.
Each platform can be built as a bloc, or a bridge letting units pass beneath ( though the logic and pathfinding parts arnt implemented yet ).
Here you can see a bridge over water with a house built on it. So you may now build a Venice if you feel like it.

Another example of platforms used as defensive walls. Next thing i’m working on : you’ll be able to build actual defensive buildings ( towers ) and infrastructures ( battlements ) on these. These defensive things will only be buildable on platforms.

Currently there is 2 types of platforms. These will be very expensive to build, especially the stone one. But also very time consuming.
The wooden one will have little defensive value but will be faster to build, so best for bridges and things like that.
Below you can see a leveled rocky hill fortified with stone platforms.
A stone platform costs 5 stone blocs, so building a “castle” like this will be quite expensive.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everyone reading this!

Now back to work after a Christmas break,
May the spirit of the Pig be with you all.