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Ymir on Patreon

You can support the continuous development of the game by becoming a Patron and making monthly donations. Lifetime donations above 40$ are rewarded with a steam key giving access to the closed testing of the game. The keys will remain valid after the official release.
Become a Patron!

– Donations on Patreon are only processed once a month. You will not receive the rewards until after the payments are processed and manually distributed, usually around the 3rd of the month.
– This is a way to support the continuous development of the game with regular monthly donations. The actual game will be cheaper than 40$, If you’re only interested in the game its best to wait for the release!
– This Patreon is aimed more for people wishing to make small regular donations to support development in time. If you only wish to make a one time donation to access the closed beta, you can now purchase a steam key directly on this website. Also you will not need to wait for the end of the month!